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High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 6

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Unfoldable Hand that you know is no good somehow

JRB picked up a set of Kings in his first pot of the night here, fresh out of bed and onto the set, you’d still think you are dreaming…watch high stakes poker season 8
However, he wasn’t so excited when he got raised on the Turn by Salomon who is usually pretty passive unless he has a made hand.

With not much left on the River, Salomon put Bellande all-in for his last $64,000 and after some deliberation JRB made the sigh call.

This is a legit tough spot because whilst there is a flush there, Salamon could easily be raising the Turn for protection and value with a number of other worse hands like two pairs and worse sets, so the River I feel is probably a call even though in this case it’s a losing one.

We just can’t only continue on Rivers with flushes against aggressive opponents in these spots and as Salomon said once the hand was done, “you could fold there, but you’d be wrong a bunch of the time”.

Another Tough Spot for Bellande

Rick Salomon just runs extremely well at life and Poker too, with this High Stakes Poker heater continuing he flops a set of sevens in this board and Bellande takes a card off with his over card and gutter ball…
watch high stakes poker season 8Bellande picks up top pair, which might be good a bunch of the time, now beating any flopped top pair other than combinations of JTs and JTo… however, after finding some quiet amongst a pretty loud table conversation about the casino game Craps, Bellande fold a great fold here.

This particular kind of spot can be a huge leak in players games, we call with say a flush draw on the Flop, hit a pair on the Turn and continue to bleed chips with a dominated hand. Bellande stopped the bleeding here facing a big bet and made a solid play.

Sticking around for the long run

This, on the other hand, was one of those pots that was not played too well by Bellande. Typically if you are going to draw at a hand against your opponent, you’ll want them to have a decent chunk of their stack left that you can win if you make the best hand.
watch high stakes poker season 8In this pot, he picked up an open ender on the Turn after taking a card off with his bottom pair on the Flop.

Missing everything on the River he check-folded to what must have been a pretty tempting spot getting great odds on a call. But in general, we either want to be committing to this kind of pot on the Turn and possibly running it multiple times, because we do beat some hands such as QT or flush draw barrels.

Flush Vs Flush Vs Royal Flush Draw

You don’t get smoke without fire and in this pot, with two short stacks flopping a flush, there was always going to be someone burnt.
watch high stakes poker season 8Dwan did contemplate making this a three-way affair, I think if he knew both players would run the board more than once he has a good shot of turning a profit by flicking in the call here.

As it turned out Leforbes only runs it once and was drawing to runner, runner straight flush outs.

The dangers of playing small suited connectors in multiway spots is exactly this, the danger of poor reverse implied odds of being stacked and drawing dead when you make your flush.

Blown of a Chop

In this pot, we get to see the advantages of having the betting lead… Tom put LeForbes all-in on this relatively safe Turn card…watch high stakes poker season 8
After claiming that he felt like Tom might be drawing he still made the tight laydown. I think this is a call in most games.

With our stack, if we are playing LeForbes hand, we just have too strong of a hand against a range that is going to include flush draws, possible worse pairs or pair and draw combinations.

If we are deeper in this spot I can lean towards a fold. Because our hand isn’t really going anywhere. To be fair though, Tom may have checked this Turn card facing a deeper stacked opponent, not wanting to get blown off his showdown value if he faced a raise.

4 High Good

Tom gave up on the lead in this pot when an Ace flopped… His opponent Schwimer took full advantage right out of the gate by betting huge on the Flop and following up on the Turn…
watch high stakes poker season 8The amateur picked up some hope in the shape of a gutshot, however, he mainly just wanted to bluff his buddy Tom out of a pot it seems.

He chose a great spot for it, Tom would probably follow up with any hand strong enough to play for stacks in this pot and with plenty of draws on the Flop, he would want to protect many of his holdings too.

He ended up laying down his Kings and Schwimer tabled the 4-high and took down the pot to end the show.