125k misclick

The Tale of Bill Perkins and the $125,000 Mis-Click

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Bill Perkins known by his online poker name of GASTRADER has been playing in some nose bleed high stakes poker games on GGPoker lately when a crazy hand happened.

The pot went down against a UK poker player that has had a fair amount of cashes in the live scene, cashing for over $200,000 in total in tournaments, with his biggest win being nearly $50,000.

Bit2Easy is mainly a cash game grinder though, who has a history of playing as high as $50/$100 on Pokerstars. We would imagine though that he isn’t rolled for this game and is being backed, or selling action to some friends possibly to take a shot in a game with some recreational money at the table.

PreFlop Action

The UK Pro that appears to be based in Ireland right now 3-Bet to the wrong size, presumably meaning to make it $12,400 to go…. which would have been a pretty standard sizing for an out of position 3-Bet against a Whale like Perkins.

Instead, though, Lucas made it $124,000… to which Bill Perkins instant calls!

We later find out from the chat dialogue that Bill didn’t even spot the fact it was $110k too much and on the Flop wondered how the pot had gotten so big.
125k misclick

The Flop

It’s hard to say what anyone would do in a spot where you have another $108,000 to play, but personally, if I had misclicked over half of my stack away pre-flop, I think I’d have to attempt to win the pot with an all-in on the Flop.

Lucas Reevers must have had a bluff in this spot though because he opted to just check-fold this flop.

Perkins  added to the chat after the hand…”I’m High, So what just happened?” What a life, winning $125,000 whilst probably smoking on a boat somewhere and not even knowing what happened!125k misclick

Giving $20,000 back as a gesture

Not many people would even consider giving a cent of this huge win back… regardless of how it went down.

However, Bill is such a cool guy that he just decided to punt back $20,000 to Lucas as a kickback for his mistake.

He typed in the chat “I’m going to raise then fold, so just raise” Perkins then made it $20,000 to go and folded showing he had a Ten on this board too, which was likely just the best hand.
125k misclick

Watch The Action Here

GG Streamer and fellow high stakes poker pro, Kaki was watching the action when it happened, take a look here…