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High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 5 Highlights

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Cooler board for Bellande

There was a lot going on in this pot, with Pre-flop Bellande asking for a 6 to hit when he called Tom’s $5,000 raise…

Once the Flop came down 6 9 T he acted like the six hit him, really holding top two pair, I think all his own antics may have almost blinded him from ever thinking that he could be beat on this board…

Tom, however, had flopped the world with the nut straight on this board, he 3-Bet Bellandes check-raise and Bellande snap shoved the money in. Tom ran out pure and Bellande was audibly frazzled from the pairs exchange.

Bellande gets a little back

The next big pot to be played after Bellande reloaded $200,000 to his stack, he took a flop with sevens and flopped a set versus Steven!

If the pair had been deeper things may have played out differently on this board, but with a 1:1 stack to pot ratio left on the Turn Steven bet called off against Bellandes jam, which could easily be a worse King or draw given the tilt of the previous hand Bellande played.

Sadly for the Ace-King though, he was drawing dead and Bellande got some chirping chips back.

Sick Value hand into Bluff from Kenney

We hadn’t seen many amazing moves yet from Bryn Kenney… in previous episodes, the players had even joked he had been smoking pot due to him playing an entire hand out of turn.

He played this one amazingly though, the hand started with Steven 3-Betting his JTs in position and getting a good board for this hand, pair, straight draw and back door flush draw, all seems great right?!

The thing that Kenney knows about this board that a less experienced player might not think of, is that he has all the nutted hands here.

Steven is never 3-Betting hands like J9o, 77, 88, 69s etc… whereas those are all much more likely in the hand of Kenney.

The true test of him really overstepping the mark is when he hits top pair on the Turn, he doesn’t slow down and try and get to showdown as so many other players would… instead he turns up the pressure and piles in another huge bet.

This makes a lot of sense because what 9x will Steven have here to call with…

Bryn later said after firing off all 3 barrels, he put Steven on an overpair and even when he hit his Jack he was trying to make him lay his hand down. This is an unreal example of how to apply pressure when the board texture favours your range, rather than your actual hand.

Dwan, Bellande and Ji get into a saucy 3-way

All of this action was induced mainly by Tom smooth calling a single raise from the Button and then the pot was squeezed from the Blind by Bellande with a legitimate holding of AKs.

Dwan then re-popped it up looking to isolate Bellande in position, instead, Ji moved all-in with almost no fold equity with just a suited QT against two super-strong ranges. Which I’m sure she regretted when she saw the hands she was up against.

Bellande then snap jammed his $400k into the middle and the action was back to Dwan, who had a million-dollar decision…

Running Pure

Tom ended up making the call, which isn’t an easy one to make, with Bellande being a pretty tight player and never doing this with Jacks.

The three all agreed to run out 3 full boards, Ji had a glimmer of hope on the first run out, picking up a straight and flush draw… but in the end, Dwan would scoop nearly $1,000,000 for calling with his Queens.