phil hellmuth wins 400k

Phil Hellmuth Clean Sweeps Esfandiari

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Sadly you can’t watch the whole video as it’s now only viewable on PokerGo, but it’s definitely worth signing up to view this match and future matches like this! They have also bought the rights for High Stakes Poker and that is set to make a come back very soon too.

We do have one sneak peek from the match for you here though, with Antonio getting completely cooled off in this flush over flush pot

After this hand gave Phil a big chip lead he ended up sealing the deal with his ATs against a limp jam with Antonio holding a dominated A3o, the board ran out with Phil’s kicker playing and Antonio took it on the chin like the gentlemen that he is and said “Nice Hand, Phil”

We would have to say that Phil was the underdog in this matchup, but having crushed Antonio in the first two rounds, this was the final nail in the coffin.

Maybe Antonio needs to go back to the drawing board after being humbled like this by someone who he has openly claimed is a fish for years now.

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It’s safe to say that Phil’s style is nowhere near that of a GTO player, both these players in fact are very read and feel based, or exploitive as most would now call it. Phil took a little heat from Nick Shulman in the pre-match interview with the duelers, where Phil claimed to have studied GTO for one night, just to know what the kids are up to!

Check out the funny clip from the Weigh-In here:

Phil claims that the best will never be the best without his kind of reading ability! Then all you need to do is take 4 or 5 hours and you’ll win a tournament!

That’s the problem when you start the exploit game, things get a little messy, Antonio made some huge folds which from a GTO point of view would be snap calls with such a strong hand, but he underestimated his opponent’s ability to bluff in these spots and ended up making huge errors himself. This brings up two fairly good points if you have a super tight image like Hellmuth does in Antonio’s eyes, then look to take advantage of that with some well-timed aggression.

The second point is play straight forward. A good poker player once said that you can’t get tricky on every hand, you need to know how to start your hands off and most will start with a raise and then a C-Bet. This is a poker player’s bread and butter, we can deal with the bigger hands that get to Turns and Rivers later, but learn your open raises and C-Bets first.

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