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Sit n Go Tips From Slayerv1fan

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BenCB recently interviewed the ultimate end boss of sit n go’s SLayer Fan aka Joshua Hoesel who has been crushing the highest stakes games all over the internet for years. He has recently come up with a new course for the training site, which we look forward to coming out, check ou this inciteful podcast here:

Why Should You Play SnGs?

To make the most money! With PartyPoker now you can make 100% RakeBack, that means for every buy-in SlayerFan plays he is keeping the rake, no matter of the result and for hyper turbos that have a fairly high rake this is important.

To get this you have to be in diamond club elite, where the cashback is broken down into top-ups, Rakeback and leaderboards.

SnG’s are looking great on Party Poker, with loads of players from Pokerstars converting to Party due to the Pokerstars rewards not being as good.

Are Sit n Go’s Profitable?

The short answer from Slayer is yes! He has a stream where he talks to players that have risen the ranks this year on partypoker from just $5 buy-ins all the way up to $100 buy-ins with some players winning 1,000 buy-ins in a month!

Just to put that into context if that player was playing $30 games, that’s $30,000 profit, pre-Rakeback!

Soft Spots

Around the holiday period and weekends are great times to play, because all the regulars that are tough and winning the most in Sit n Gos are usually taking these times away from Poker.

So look to fire up some games here and grab that extra cash!

Slayer talks a lot about how he would just grind hyper-turbo satellites to tournaments and sometimes these are some of the softest games to get in. The reason for this is because the players are often just recreational that want a cheap way into a bigger tournament for their bankroll.

Slayer has made a living from finding these kinds of soft spots, so look to do the same yourself!

Other Pros Making the Switch

You know that Sit N Gos on Party must be worth looking in to when the likes of BBZ Poker have even switched their main grind to Hyper Turbos here.

Check out the latest content from Jordan as he takes some tough beats at the $100 and $200 buy-in levels and still comes out a winner:

Understand Variance

Coming from a player that once lost $100,000 playing sit n gos in one day on Pokerstars… his advice is to control the things that are within your control.

You can never control how lucky or unlucky you are, so try not to even think about that and just concentrate on the things that you can control, like getting good sleep, eating well and grinding out some study sessions.

Know What Spots to Study

Too many players are too concerned with strange spots or certain solver lines for complex pots. However, before that we need to get our games very clean in the most played spots.

Before you go worrying about deep stack poker, learn how to play your 10BBs perfectly. Then once you have that part of your game down, look at how to play Re-Jams and slightly deeper stack play. Learn Your re-steal spots well and so on… these are spots that are going to come up the most often and if you can learn to play these types of hands fundamentally sound, you will notice a huge uptick in your results.

A good way to study is to save hands that you think might have been a mistake from your game, take these hands and study them after your session. We learn a lot from our mistakes, so look to apply this to the poker table too.

Join The Party

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