late tournament plays you need in your game

Late Tournament Plays You Need In Your Game

New Online Poker Poker Strategy

I recently made a deep run in a 6-Max super stack turbo, there were a few interesting hands that came up that highlighted how important it is to remain aggressive in poker, so let’s jump right in…

Get Aggressive when players show weakness

In this pot, our opponent raised UTG and checked back this flop of 7 6 6. If our opponent is a good player, they could check back in this pot with hands like AA, KK and maybe some QQ some of the time, this way we will be trapped with our weaker hands and they keep in our bluffs.

However, the majority of players we face even when we are deep in tournaments will check this flop back because they missed. Nearly all players will bet this flop with hands like 44, 55, 88, 99, TT, JJ, QQ. So when they check it’s usually a pretty sure sign that we can pounce on this weakness and win this board.

So we turn our King high into a bluff here on the Turn, we don’t have to use a huge sizing, so we bet fairly small as we know our opponent will likely call here a decent amount of the time with Ace high, hands like AK, AQ, AJ aren’t going to give up for a small bet here.

This is a big mistake many players make in these situations, they bet once and then give up on Rivers…
We have to be ready to pull the trigger on a River that is not an Ace in this spot, so when we see a blank on the River we need to size up a little to discourage any huge hero calls from our capped opponent and bet our hand. We don’t go too crazy though, betting a little over 200k into the 510k pot, this should be enough to get the job done though against the hands we want to get to Fold.

We aren’t trying to make our opponent fold hands like a slow-played overpair to this board, for example, so we have sized our bet especially for the purpose at hand.

Make Easy Re-Steals

So there was a little bit of meta involved in this pot, the Small Blind was actually sitting out when this hand was played, so what does this mean?

Well, now the Button, who is already sitting on a big stack and is probably a very capable player that will open a huge range from the Button… can open even wider because they are only playing against myself in the Big Blind.

Let’s say we have a hand here like A8o or JTs… then we could easily just look to realise some equity and call this raise. However we will want to have some 3-Bets in our range, we can 3-Bet call hands like AQs, AKo and TT+ here easily.

So we will also want to have some 3-Bet Re-steals, hands like this are perfect to use, we aren’t going to get into trouble against a 4-Bet like we might if we 3-Bet a stronger hand like AT0 for instance and we can win the pot here and grab a huge win with our 7 high.

Our opponent does make the instant fold and our suspicions of a steal from the Button were confirmed.

Choose your Raise-Fold hands and Your Open Jam hands Selectively

We are going to want to stay aggressive in late position, but sometimes we will just have a pretty good hand too. It’s important to know which hands make good raise-folds and raise-calls and which are better for open jamming.

This hand for instance, if we open jam all-in from the Button against the Small and Big Blind any time we are called we will be dominated. So this makes it more of a raise-fold hand. We do sometimes lose equity when hands like KQs find re-shoves versus our hand, but that is not too often.

This hand, however, makes a perfect open jamming hand. We have a suited hand that is less likely to be dominated when called. Our opponents could snap call hands like 5588 or even huge hands like AT, AJ, AQ for instance, but we have great equity against all of those!

What we don’t want to do with these hands is raise-call though, then we allow all sorts of hands that would not call off get in the mix.

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