how to beat super ko sitngos

How to beat Super KO Sit n Gos

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Sit’n Go poker seemed to be all but dead, but lately there’s been a huge rise in popularity with Super KO 6 Max Hyper Turbo Games.

With these games filling up around the clock on all the best poker sites like Pokerstars and PartyPoker, you can play from a tiny amount all the way up to $500 games!

The action is fast and furious, with having half the price of admission to one of these games on their head, there’s a huge gamble to these games, which makes them really fun to play!

We gathered you some tips on how to come out winning…

Gamble it up

In regular sit’n gos we are playing for the whole prize pool, however, in Super KO games the prize pool is split evenly, with 50% going towards paying out the top 2 places and the other 50% is divided amongst players bounties.

This means we will have to play much more aggressively because picking up bounties is half of the game!

We will want to take some gambles against players we cover and look to get out to a lead, we can then use these chips to bully opponents and run our equity when we get called.

Tight early can give us an advantage

There is a trick to these games, where if you are playing against a table of players that all get involved in pots early on, you can gain an edge by folding.

The reason being is that you will now cover all the rest of your opponents and be able to win a bounty from them if you move all-in because they have diminished their stacks.

Big Stack Plays

As we mentioned earlier on, when you have a big stack you will want to look to play pretty aggressively. You can look to win chips and pick up bounties without risking a huge percentage of your stack.

Gamble it up

It might look ugly, but when you cover your opponent, there are going to be some spots when you will want to take huge gambles to look to win the added value of the bounty in the middle.

Especially in spots where you can win more than just one bounty. If you have a shot at winning two bounties, these are almost any two-card spots. Because you can win the buy-in of the game in one hand.

In this spot we call off 10BBs with just Q30, a super-wide call, but with a bounty on the line and still having nearly 20BBs if we lose, this is the type of spot we are happy to gamble in.

We end up having nearly 40% equity and a chance at winning a bounty and building our stack to put us in position to win many more bounties and that’s exactly the spot we want to be in.

Get ready for variance

These games will have way more variance than regular games, because there is more incentive to call peoples all-ins, there will be more times your stack is at risk.

Look to combat this by playing lower stakes than you might normally. So if normally you would play $10 hyper turbos with your bankroll, look to play $5 games for instance.

Make Notes!

Chances are you will play with the same players fairly often in these games, so look to get a read on their play and make notes on their play style.

Good notes to make are if you think they play too loose, if you see them bluffing in a pot or if you think they are pretty solid and play good ranges, these can also be valuable notes to have.

In this pot a player I had a spewy purple note on moved all-in for 20BBs with K6o.

Look to colour code your notes, I use red for good players, purple for bluffy players, green for fish that make wild plays, blue for solid players that play tight ranges and trap.