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A Guide To Hero Calls

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BenCB is a GTO hero, putting players in the cage constantly and naming their hands as he calls their bluffs in the largest stakes online. Check out these insane bluff catcher hands and see how he made the calls.

Betting and getting raised not bad news

The reason BenCB doesn’t hate getting raised on this board is that it’s mainly going to be hands like 85, 89, T9 doing the raising here and with such deep stacks calling with Ace high is fine.

So whereas some players might just check this board back in fear of getting blown of the pot, Ben opts to bet and call a raise here.

Sticking with his story

When the Turn pairs the six, it’s important that we put this into the story that our opponent is telling us. So they now wouldn’t overbet a 7 in this spot, because that would be overplaying their hand. They may continue to bet this way with flush draws and 89, looking to bluff out worse draws or Ace high hands, but other than that the one hands that show up for value are going to be full houses with this sizing.

Flush Completes

Many players, myself included would probably look to do a lot of folding on this River, however, we have to consider our opponent’s whole range, just because the flush gets there, there are many other holdings we beat with Ace high.

Holding the Ace of clubs is huge blocker in this pot, we now know our opponent hasn’t raised the flop with any Ax in clubs, this cuts down on a huge part of their value range. We also beat all the other draws like 45, 85, 89, T9, T8 and there are a huge amount of those combinations.

So for this bet to be for value it must either be a really aggressively played Queen or King high flush draw or a full house. It’s important to weight up how many possible bluffs our opponent can have and how many value hands are in their range, in this case I think the call is a pretty profitable one in the long rung, with not too many value combos compared to all the missed straights.

Flopping an open ender and betting small

This pot starts out by smooth calling an early position raise, with the flop bringing an open-ended straight draw, Ben looks to pick up the betting lead and win the pot here with a small bet. Bigfox86, who is one of the best tournament players around smooth calls this bet.

The Turn goes Check-Check and we play a River

BigFox checks the River and the original raiser looks to block bet, likely with a hand like 88TT. Ben raises with his Rivered nine high straight and Alex Foxen then pulls the trigger and moves all-in.

This looks like horrible news, but let’s dissect the action here. BigFox smooth called a small bet on the flop in a multiway deep-stacked pot. This means we can remove a huge part of his value range, because surely he would look to protect hands like 66, 77, J7, J6 for fear of being drawn out on.

JJ is not in his range, because this would always squeeze pre-flop and 55 doesn’t call a flop bet here, so this hand must be a hand like J5 that slow-played both Turn and River.

Foxen ended up turning 87s into a bluff here, blocking J7 and 77 so a decent candidate for this kind of move. I feel like this is a little overextended though because he just doesn’t play nearly all of his value range like this.

For a bluff to work against good opponents it has to make sense, this is one of those last-ditch attempts at winning the pot when there is a huge amount of chips in the middle that doesn’t really represent any value hands.

Take a look at the man in action

We have just looked at 2 of these 6 hero calls that BenCB shows us in his latest video, click below to check out the full clip and see what other amazing calls he makes.