Youtuber Wins $160k and WSOP Bracelet from His Car!

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It might not be the most glamorous of operations but sometimes you have just got to pee in a cup in your car, play from your phones mobile internet and try and take down a WSOP Bracelet. Well, that’s what Ryan DePaulo thinks anyway and he did just that!

This champ managed to win his first WSOP bracelet from a Whole Foods Car Park in New Jersey, taking down the 2020 WSOP Online ‘Big 500’ no-limit hold’em event #12. Previously known for his deep run in the WSOP Colossus, which is a massive event that pays out millions of dollars from just a $400, Ryan managed to get 3rd for a cool $208k whilst dressed as Mr T with a huge gold chain on.

This YouTuber, Poker player and all-around personality is actually living in New York, but despite being called the land of the free, these brave players that dare to want to play a game online have to travel to New Jersey to even play in this World Series of Poker. The WSOP software is only legal in New Jersey and Las Vegas right now, so players have been flocking to these states just to try and grab some glory. Ryan tweeted “Bout to go play this wsop event on the side of the road in New Jersey thanks law makers”

On previous nights he wasn’t so lucky, posting updates like “Busted while going through Burger King drive thru. Will be back in jersey somewhere shady tomorrow for more!”

The moment that he won the event is here, beating AJo heads up with his QQ. Don’t tune into this one if you don’t like bad language, whilst he might not live in Jersey he is certainly embracing the foul-mouthed culture that it’s known for.

He did this after going 0 for 6 in the first bunch of events, goes to show that persistence is crucial when it comes to poker, you gotta just stay in there punching and eventually you can become a legend that gets to scream “IMAAA LEGENDDD” at 4:30am from a Whole Foods park.

Beating UK Pro Jack Salter and besting this field of 1,624, to take the biggest prize in this pool of $1,092,150.00, whilst playing from a car park is something every Poker Player can aspire too. This is just pure love for the game.