winning partypoker spins

Winning PartyPoker Spins

New Online Poker Poker Strategy

We take you through some steps on how to play these PartyPoker Jackpot games like a real shark, in this video, we fire up 4 games and win 3/4. Not too shabby… we break-down our play by play in all the key hands in the video and we have added a little extra information on some of the key hands from these victories in the post below too.

Make sure to play for stacks

It can be pretty easy to not set up the stack to pot ratio correctly in some pots to make sure we get maximum value with our huge hands.

In this pot we faced a small bet on the Turn card which made for an easy check-raise spot for us, we deny some equity against straight draws and we can easily set up a River all-in.
check raising turn to get stacks in

Early all-ins with small pairs

This probably seems like a bit of a gamble right!? But if we factor into account that our opponents can fold and we take down this pot without any risk at least some of the time then it’s always worth pulling the trigger in these spots, especially against large sizings like this, against a minimum raise because there are fewer chips to win it becomes a less attractive move for us.

The upside of this is that when we get called here, we can easily be up against small pairs and hands we dominate like low Ace high hands, so with those cases in the mix, coupled with us having a tonne of folds and many coin flips when we are called we are just printing money by moving all-in in these spots.

re-jamming with small pairs

Shutting Down on Bad Cards

Here we raise pre-flop and took a stab at the pot on the flop, we can have a tonne of Ace’s and our opponent doesn’t have too many here. However, we get called and then the Turn card pairs the Ace, making it way less likely that we have an Ace in our hand and making it even harder for our opponent to fold any Ten now.

shutting down bluffs

This is good spot for us to just shut down and look to showdown our hand without losing any more chips and as it happens we had a pretty solid read on the situation and I don’t think there is a bet we could have made that would have won us this pot.
good shutdown

Using Over-bets

This is a bet that I rarely see any recreational players using but it has a tonne of benefits, we can use these bets on boards that we will be betting less often so that when we do bet we will be getting huge value along with protection with our strong hands and we can mix in some semi-bluffs to balance our range too.

Here we bet two times the pot with two pair on this very wet board, this will mean even hands like open-end straight draws will be in a really tough spot and worse draws will have to fold.
overbetting with two pair

Another benefit of this sizing is that it helps give some hand definition, let’s say we bet small on the flop or the action went check-check then this Turn card would be super dangerous for us as it puts a 4 card straight on board with any 9 and any 4 being a straight now.

However, we bet 2x the pot on the Flop, so which random 4‘s or 9‘s could call that bet? Maybe a hand like T9 but there actually aren’t a tonne of hands that our opponent would call with that this card hits them!

We end up moving all-in on the Turn and our opponent called us with their pair and flush draw which is a terrible play, they aren’t getting the right price and should just make this laydown when they miss their draw.
getting paid

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