who is winning in the doug polk vs daniel negreanu challenge

Who is winning the Doug Polk Vs Daniel Negreanu challenge?

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Doug is indeed following through on his plans to “back up the truck” and fill it full of DNegs money… here’s a little update for you.

The pair have now played 3 sessions in total including the first 200 hands that were played live at the PokerGo studio.

Session 1: Negreanu +$116,500
Session 2: Doug +$218,292 (Overall Doug +$101,792)
Session 3: Doug +$166,239 (Overall Doug +$268,031)

The match is being played in 2-hour sessions which are being streamed on Twitch and Youtube both by GGPoker and Upswing Poker.

Both streams have some high-quality commentators and are well worth tuning into.

Session 2

Daniel in all fairness ran pretty poorly in the large pots of this match, with one of the key hands being a flopped top set in Daniels hand versus Polks flopped straight.

Another dicey spot for DNegs came in the shape of 5-Bet Jammin AQo into QQ for around $100k and not improving.

Loose Turn Play From Daniel Gets Him in Big Trouble

In this 3-Bet pot, Doug had the goods and played for stacks. Daniel looked to continue on the flop against a half pot bet, which is fair, he has a gutshot to the nut straight and could win a big pot if Doug has the overpair he is repping.

However, things get a little dicey when Doug sizes up on the Turn card. Facing a full pot bet, Daniel calls here with just 9high.

In the post-match interview, he claims he had some funky ideas in mind, but his read in-game must have been that Doug just didn’t have the overpair in this spot, because with his holding he is drawing completely dead against Dougs value range once the third 8 comes.

After hitting the worst card for him on the River he snap calls Dougs Pot sized all-in and his Rivered full house is no good. He later said that was running bad, however, nearly every Poker player would know that calling a huge bet on this Turn is probably a really bad idea.

+$130k to Doug.
who is winning in the doug polk vs daniel negreanu challenge

Playing the Offsuit Queen High

Daniel got caught bluffing a few times during this session and on more than one occasion it was with Q4o/Q5o type hands.

In this spot he semi bluffed the Turn and followed through on the River to get snap looked up by Dougs Rivered 2nd pair of Jacks.

The real question when it comes to leaks here though, is should Daniel be looking to play 75BB pots with Q4o?

I’d like to see a tighter Button range from him personally and maybe look to make some of these weaker holdings part of the open fold range and look to open some more suited and connected hands.

+$31k to Doug
who is winning in the doug polk vs daniel negreanu challenge

Session 2 Recap hands

There is some great content out there when it comes to post-match reviews. Here you can look at all the biggest pots from the 2nd session.

Talks of more prop bets

During the Live stream, there have been talks of Daniel getting a huge prop bet by Bill Perkins. Apparently the businessman has laid Daniel 10/1 odds that he won’t complete the full 25k hands against Doug.

So if Daniel is getting destroyed after the 12,500 hand minimum it will be interesting to see if he continues on in this battle, I guess it depends how much money he’s put on the side bet, if he’s put 100k and he can win $1M for completing the full amount of hands, then surely we will see the full match completed.

Dan Bilzerian Next

Rumour has it that Dan Bilzerian also wants a little revenge for Doug’s trash-talking, with Doug making content on whether the influencer indeed has amassed his fortune from Playing Poker.

Aparratently the pair are in talks about playing a heads up match with Bilzerian saying he wants big odds to play Doug. So at least someone knows he’s an underdog!

For those that missed the beef, here’s Doug’s Video that got things a little heated in the Twitter world: