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High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 1 Recap

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It’s been nine long years since the best Poker show on TV has been on our screens, well now it’s back and in case you haven’t got a PokerGo account, we are going to review some of the biggest and most action-packed hands as they happen.

Rick Soloman Kicks things off with 62s

With blinds at $400/$800, Bellande opens to $2,000 and Rick Action Saloman, known for his marriage to Pam Anderson and sex tape with Paris Hilton Snap 3 Bets to $6,000.

Brandon Steven flats the button with AQo which I think is a fine play, you keep dominated hands in the pot like Bellande’s worse Ace and having the betting lead is less important as you are in position.

Dwan flicks in the $6k looking to hit a set and Bellande calls hoping to see some spades here…

The flop is an action one, with a pair and flush draw for the aggressor and Brandon Steven only really being beat by AA, AK, AJ and JJ now and being up against the maniac on the table he has to like his chances.

Rick continues with a $12,000 on the Flop and gets called by Brandon Steven…

Giving Up the Lead

This is a spot where I’d like to see Rick continue to bet, the reason is, we aren’t ever folding here, so we get to kind of name our own price here, we could apply some serious pressure with a large bet and look to win a huge pot if we hit or fold-out some of the more marginal holdings in Brandon’s hand.

Alternatively, a bet I often like to make in this spot is just to bet small again, we could do this with strong hands like sets and two pairs as well as semi-bluffs like we have if we are Rick here.

However he opts for a check call, which is just stinking of weakness with this particular holding, however, he could well be using this hand to balance, if he would check-raise here with hands like A8, 66, AJ, and AK, then I think this line could hold some merit.

Rick does end up calling the $21,000, missing the River and check folding with just his pair of 6’s.

Michael Schwimer in the mix

The six foot eight baseball pitcher claims that pitching is a big mental game that blends well with the skills needed to stay composed at the Poker table. Seemingly getting an invite from Tom Dwan he took Bryn Kenney all the way to third base of value town in this pot.

Hitting a straight on the Turn when the King struck, Bryn continued on the Turn with his pair and open ender and decided he didn’t believe the businessman on the River when he bet $40,000 into a pot of $55,200 when it was all said and done.

Tom Dwan Taken to Value Town

Tom was always going to lose a fair amount of chips when he flopped an overpair to the Ten high board whilst out of position against his friend Schwimer.

A raise went in on the flop from the amateur with top two pair and Tom took a card off… with a little speech play about no draws completing on the Turn Schwimer continued to bet and get value with his huge hand, betting $33,000.

When a scare card hit on the River in the form of an Ace the amateur announced out loud “I don’t like that card” and bet a small $20,000 bet anyway, around 20% pot-sized, looking to get value from a worse Ten, Ace high flush draw that now made Aces or just a hand like Dwan’s JJKK.

Is Bryn Kenney High?

A very strange hand went down indeed, where Bryn played each street of action out of turn, although he was in position against Schwimer he managed to check every street first.

Presumably, he thought his opponent was on the Button, but once the hand played out everyone on the table was questioning whether Bryn a known Majiuana smoker was playing under the influence.

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