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High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 7

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We continue in the action with Episode 7 of the latest season of High Stakes Poker! Showing you the biggest pots and icy cold cooler hands from the show.

Check-Jam for the Whole Stack

Bellande flopped the world here with a pair and a flush draw, normally this would be a dead heat, but with Schwimer blocking one of the spades he still had a slight mathematical edge when the money went in here…

Due to Schwimer only having around $111k left after betting this Flop, Bellande opted just to move all-in. It tends to be a better approach to these cash games these days because often the other player will want to run the board out twice and they can both reduce variance a little.

Twice it is

Bellande picked up even more outs on the first run out, in the shape of a straight draw to go with his flush, trips and two pair draw, but sadly Mr Broke Living bricked out.

Off to the races for the second time and Bellande struck gold with the Turn card, making his flush… however, that wasn’t all she wrote, Schwimer still had a chunk of equity holding that Queen of Spades we mentioned earlier… and Bink, before you can say “Tom I’m gonna need some more chips” the dealer stuck another spade on the River. $300,000 Schwimer’s way.

Action Flop

When you peel a 3-Bet with QTo and flop an open-ended straight draw, there is no fold button… Due to Leforbes’ stack size, he only had one option, move it all-in and hope to hit.

It wasn’t to be though and Rick added another cool $100k to his monster stack.

Five High Good

When you get to the River with 5 high and your opponent has shown a little weakness, it’s probably a good idea to bet and try and win the pot.

At least that’s what Rick Salomon thought after calling the Flop with two undercards and a gutshot straight draw. Andress checked back the Turn, which I like, he was the aggressor Pre-Flop so he doesn’t have any 8x in his range typically unless he has 88 exactly.

When Salomon bets this River I would like to see a hero call from Andress here, he can beat all the missed straight and flush draws that have an easy call on the flop, which is a huge part of Rick’s range when he calls. Rick would have to be betting super thin for value here with a hand like 66TT, or some Kx hands. But Andress blocks AK and KJ… the only downside to his hand is he blocks hands like JTs, J9s etc. As it turned out Andress made the incorrect fold this time and Rick carried on steam rolling these Pros.

All-in with Dolly Parton working 9-5

Salomon was on such a heater that he took 95s against two super-strong ranges and came out on top, betting all-in for protection on Turn after the flop checked around. That is a man who deserves a seat in any Poker game in the world… but on his day, unstoppable to play against.

I don’t hate Schwimer’s check in position, the Queen on board hits many of his opponents hands and we can look to get to showdown by not getting check-raised.

However sometimes a small bet in position on this board will buy ourselves showdown, we have an easy fold to further aggression and when our opponents play in flow on the Turn we can check back with anything that doesn’t improve our hand and realise our equity.

Bellande with the 1.5x OverBet!

You might think that Mr JRB is just some washed up game starter that owes a bunch of people money, however, he ain’t no chump on the felt… Rivering a full house against Salomon’s Flopped straight was finally some good news for this Old School Pro and he went big for value!

Betting over the size of the pot and putting Rick to the test for the tune of $130,000…

Salomon proved the old poker tale true that whoever stands up at the table has the worst hand… usually it’s from a rush of blood and frustration that they’ve lost a pot, unable to stay calm and seated you perform a Hellmuth like leap to your feet… and then make the bad call.

You can’t really blame Salomon here, he flopped a straight and lost the pot, but with the board pairing and flush completing it’s hard to picture what Bellande’s bluffs might be here.