timing out of a $350k hand

Timing Out of a $350,000 Hand!

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We all hate timing out of hands during our online poker sessions, it can happen to us all, no matter how good our internet connection is we get that dreaded lag and then pray that we come back to our hands still in action…

Well imagine if you just hit a straight flush on the Turn and timed out! That would be pretty bad right?! Well, it gets worse, imagine if you were playing on a Bad Beat Jackpot Table and your opponent flopped Quads! Meaning you would have won life-changing money after sharing out $350,000!

That’s what happened to BetOnline player and occasional twitch streamer Devo! known online as devowned.

What went down

The hand was played at $1/$2 6Max… Our Hero opened the action with his JTs, got 3Bet from the Small Blind and continued, so too did the Button with 99.

The flop gave him a straight and flush draw and his opponent leads out with Quads!! Making it $11 to go.

I can’t stress enough how bad of a play this is, if ever you are playing on a bad beat table, you want hands like this to get cracked, so why try and shut your opponents out of the hand?! If you lose with flopped quads you win a share of the huge prize pool. Anyway, this is beside the point…

The Turn card brings the nuts for our Hero, he now holds a straight flush. Better than that his opponent continues again for $13.50 this time… but this is where it all goes wrong!

Devowned got owned by his connection error that timed him out of this huge hand! The two remaining players got all-in as the player on the Button flopped a full house! What a sick hand… but this isn’t a bad beat, the straight flush would have needed to be in play for the jackpot to pay out!

bad beat

Joey Ingram to the rescue

I can only imagine how frantic I would be if I was in this position, but Devo held his cool, contacted support, posted to the elders of internet Poker on 2+2 and took to twitter tagging big names like Jamie Kerstetter, Doug Polk, Matt Berkey and Joey Ingram… this post caused quite a stir with over 40 retweets and comments.

After Joey picked up the reigns of this investigation from the 2+2 thread, he made a video and sent it over to BetOnline, sadly there response was that the Jackpot won’t be awarded according to the terms and conditions. A BetOnline representative said on 2+2 that the matter was closed.

But then two days later Devo posted a screen shot of his balance on Twitter!


In their final communication, BetOnline stated that its software performed correctly and that the network issues were on the players’ side. Still, they know the extraordinarily rare circumstances, which is why they decided to pay the jackpot in this case.

I think they turned this into a great potential for some good press and since the ruling was overturned thousands of people now know that BetOnline cares about it’s customers and that they pay out huge bad beat jackpots!

The Video of the Story

Check out Joey’s latest Poker news update where you will find this tale of highs and lows!

This can only further confirm something we earlier thought to be true, that Joey Ingram is officially the Batman of the Poker world. Sleep tight Gotham and don’t forget to give BetOnline a shot!

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