some advanced spin and go flash hands

Some Advanced Spin & Go Flash Hands

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So we have posted some general tips on playing Spin and Go Flash games, however in this post, we are going to look at a couple of the more weird spots we will find our selves in, including multiway spots and heads up pots from Blind Vs Blind battles.

We aren’t going to have super strong holdings when playing these games, we simply don’t have enough time. The games begin at 15BBs deep so we need to make some moves and not over-fold. Let’s look at the hands we have picked out to learn a little more…

Floating with Ten High and Backdoors

We have T♠ 9♠ and an easy pre-flop complete from the small blind.

Typically we will want to be playing our tightest range from the small blind as it’s the hardest position to realise our equity being first to act multiway. However, hands like this will play fine in 3-way pots.

The flop doesn’t improve us, however we fact a Min bet and a call from the button, so we are getting great odds on a call here 20 into 120 meaning we only need around 16% equity here to continue and we certainly have this with our backdoor straight and flush draws, as well as our two overcards. So we opt to take a card off getting this good price…

floating with ten high

The turn brings us a flush draw and we think about leading out, but opt for a check. We can have some check-raises on this turn so we are protected and we can easily check call small bets or look to check-raise semi-bluff our draw…

The turn goes check, check from both our opponents so we don’t have to worry about that street of action.

The River brings another Spade completing our flush, so the question is now… How do we play this?

Well typically I feel like most players would just lead out big in this spot, most would bet something like full pot-sized, but what are we going to get called by if we do that?

Maybe two pair hands, and straights… however, these hands will most likely bet if we check to them.

By checking we also keep in any random bluff hands. Ranges are weak in this hand as there as been almost no betting, so a large bet is unlikely to get paid but a bluff from one of our opponents is very possible! So we opt to look to check-raise with our rivered flush…
looking to check raise river with flush
Results can vary though and even though both opponents had pretty terrible hands they both had a tiny amount of showdown value with their small pairs. So they both just checked and looked to get to showdown.

But would they have called us with bottom pair or fourth pair on this board? I don’t think so unless we bet tiny…

So I still like this line and in the long run this will mean our checking range is protected. So players will need to be very careful before they bet against us when we are out of position as we have proved we can have strong hands in our checking range too!
villians with bottom of their range

Floating Blind Vs Blind

There are going to be hands that we get roped into in the Big Blind when our opponent in the Small Blind does things like open raise for the minimum and we have a fairly strong hand.

So in this pot we have K9o facing a min-raise, now we could easily opt to re-raise all-in with this hand pre-flop, it’s certainly strong enough in the long run, however in-game we opt to flat call and take a flop.

The beauty of playing in position blind vs blind is that our opponents are going to give up a lot of the time and we can take the pot away without even hitting the board…
floating with king high on flopThe flop is a fairly dry one, Queen high with a flush draw with just a few gutshots possible… it’s important to know how often our opponent is going to hit boards like this. The only hands they have immediately that are improved on this board are hands like AQ, KQ, QJ, QT, Q9, 88 & 44 compare this to all the rest of the combinations of hands that they just randomly decide to steal with preflop and their bluffs far outweigh any value combinations.

What do we do with King High in this spot?
Well we simply have to continue here, if we don’t call this dry board with Ace and King high we will be way over-folding as it’s very hard for us to have better hands on this board other than possibly QTo Q9o… almost every other combination of hand that hits this board would move all-in pre-flop.

So we have to construct other hands to call with that don’t directly hit this board…

  • One spade hands that pick up equity on Spade turn cards are good candidates for floats.
  • King high are good hands to continue with as we are likely to have the best hand or at least have clean outs of our overcard being live.
  • Having a 9 in our hand is also good for us as any Ten or Jack hitting the board means we will have a straight draw too.

So we have a pretty clear call with our King high and backdoor possibilities, let’s take a turn…

jamming with flush draw The turn brings a Queen which pairs the top card on the flop and is a Spade, meaning we now have a flush draw.

This is a good card for us because it makes it even less likely the Villian has a Queen in their hand, also when they continue to bet, what are they really going to bet twice with here?

Their hand doesn’t really make sense, would they bet this way with just a random 8… unlikely, with the monster holding they are representing I would imagine a slightly smaller bet to allow us to continue.

So how do we continue now? 

We could just flat call this card too and look to keep all our opponent’s bluffs in the pot, however, in-game we decided to go for some equity denial and possibly fold out some weak hands like 22, 33 and maybe some 4x or Ace highs that actually have us beat right now but will have a hard time calling our all-in.

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