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6Plus Hold’em Hand Tips(Short Deck)

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In this post, we are going to look at some tips on how to play 6Plus hold’em hands that will make you money, fast! We also have a video where we put some of these pointers into action and get amazing results…

  • Don’t overvalue hands like KJo, AJo, and AQo in this game, chances are that players looking to play pots against you will have these holdings in bad shape and we can make some costly top pair hands that end up losing us a lot of money.
    There is more value in playing suited and connected hands like T9, JT, QJ & KQ than there are in this offsuit gapped connectors.
  • Play a tighter range than your loose opponents, so if players on your table are giving action with hands like A8o then play hands from ATo and better, for example, try and always have a slight range advantage.
  • Look to limp raise aggressive players, whilst AQo may play pretty poorly if you are noticing that players are putting in raises with worse hands than this, look to limp and then re-raise them and apply some pressure to their weak holdings. This is made simpler by simply moving all in if you are somewhat short stacked.
  • Don’t be afraid to play big pots with AK, this is a powerful hand in 6Plus games, making you a favourite even against holdings like QQ and only a small underdog even to KK. So don’t be afraid to pile on the pressure with this hand.
  • Once we actually flop a good amount of equity with our tight range, don’t be scared to pile the money in on favourable boards, too many players make the mistake of betting half pot in this game, but there are no blank cards like in regular Hold’em so with more bad cards to come we want to bet heavily when we flop good hands, we can balance this by betting this way with our draws too!

In the latest video from us here at newonlinepoker.com we run through some key hand decisions, we pick up the action whilst playing a pot with J♠ T♣, click play to watch the action


As we are going to do with a balanced range in these games, we enter the pot for a limp of $0.25, we would do this with very strong hands, our medium strength hands and our worst hands that we would limp fold, giving us all 3 options in our range of limp raising, limp calling or limp folding.

The advantages of playing this way are that we are unpredictable and it allows us to get good pot odds to see flops without raising and being blown off our hands preflop, we can also limp and reraise preflop and isolate weaker opponents when we are limping with strong hands.

Our opponent raises the pot to $1.75 and we happily call the extra $1.50 with a hand that plays well in this game.

The Flop

K♦ 6♥ Q♠
A good flop for our hand, we have an open-ended straight draw, so any 9 or Ace hitting the board on the turn or river will give us the best possible hand on this board.

How to continue?

Our deepest opponent is playing with $47.27 in their stack, so we must play pretty cautiously against them as we are still deep stacked. If this flop was against a bunch of short stacks, it can be a lucrative play to just move all in on boards where you flop open end straight draws, this can bluff opponents off hands even as strong as top pair for example.

However, in this case we start with a check. With $7.84 in the pot our opponent now bets very large, betting a scary looking $6.66. With this bet we can tell he is not messing around, the other two players in the pot are short stacked, so he has committed himself against them. This is a good time to simply try and hit the nuts on the turn and stack our opponent. If we miss this turn card, I think we will have to simply give up the pot most of the time here, as I don’t think with this sizing our opponent is ever really bluffing. So, we call the $6.66 bet and look to spike the turn and win the rest of our opponents’ money.

Gin Turn

The 9♦ Rolls off giving us the unbeatable hand at this point, the nut straight.

How to play it against a fishy opponent?

Well, against a strong opponent we could choose to lead here and hope the board doesn’t pair on the river and we still have the nuts on the end. However with previous play against this player on the table and the huge flop bet they made, we are quite confident they will not be folding to any action here, so rather than look to check-raise we simply overbet jam, looking for maximum value and protection against a full house redraw. We put our opponent all in here for their remaining $40.61.

This is an important part of short deck poker, betting large when you have the best hand is key, it allows you to win big pots and protect against your opponents’ equity.

We get action!

Our action opponent is not in the mood to fold with K♠ Q♣ for top two pair and around 14% equity in the pot, needed either a King or Queen to hit with just the river card to come to steal the win from us. Luckily for us the river doesn’t pair up with a J♦ hitting the end. We scoop over $100 in this pot, so our $6.66 investment on the flop paid dividends for us.

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