Run It Once Poker Now Offering Up To 75% RakeBack!

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So you’ve probably heard of Run It Once Poker by now, if not then you can check out our review on this new poker site here For those of you that don’t know the supreme leader of RIO comes in the shape of the well-respected Cash Game end boss and PLO specialist Phil Galfond.

Launching the site earlier in the year it seems they are having an overhaul on the marketing front and boy is it good for us poker players.

There are a few things that set this site apart, they offer unique features like anonymous play, which is great for recreational players not being chased around the tables and hunted down by savvy pros.

There’s also a built-in HUD which displays stats on your opponents, displays their playing style on their avatar, for instance a tight player will be asleep at the table with a trail of ZZZzzz coming from them, so if they wake up and start making some big bets you could almost guarantee they have a premium hand.

Splash the Pot

Another big feature of Run It Once is the reward scheme “Splash the Pot” which is where extra money is added to a random hand played on the cash game table.

Like you may have seen on Poker shows also known as a Bomb pot where money is added, this is a form of the Rakeback on the site.

splash the pot run it once

Phil has made some changes to the Splash amounts though, initially when the site launched they offered 51% Rakeback from the splash the pots, with the winner of the pot taking all that extra Rakeback.

Some Changes

The percentage of rake given back in these pots has now been lowered to 30% to make room for other rewards and there’s a big difference in the structure of who gets the extra money…

Instead of the sole winner of the Splash Pot getting the extra money now the winner of the pot will get 70%, so still the lion’s share, but then this means that 30% of the splash pot will be split between the remaining players on the table!

I love this change to the splash pot structure as now everyone wins some Rakeback without having to play some crazy pot to get after that added value.

This is something the team wanted to implement initially but they now managed to get the time to implement it.

What Are the New Rewards Offered?

So you already get 30% Rakeback with Splash the pot, but now you can gain another possible 45% rake back with the Legends rewards too.

This is a weekly Rakeback scheme that will move you up in levels depending on how much rake you have paid, simply put the more you play the higher level you will get, which will give you a higher percentage of Rakeback.

Players will achieve 1 point per €0.05 in gross rake paid and will also get multipliers applied for playing 3 handed(1.5X) and Heads Up(2X).

There is also a long term component where players will get 4-week streak Rakeback boots for maintaining a certain level of play for that period.

run it once rakeback

The Tiers

There are five different tiers of legends that will play the felts at Run It Once, each offers a higher Rakeback percentage as players move up the ranks by playing more hands.

  • Clubs: 40%+ Rakeback
  • Diamonds: 42.5%+ Rakeback
  • Hearts: 45%+ Rakeback
  • Spades: 50%+ Rakeback
  • Legends: 60%+ Rakeback

run it once rewards

What are you waiting for?

If this isn’t a Poker site that’s worth signing up for I don’t know what is, 75% Rakeback is unheard of so if you’re a cash game grinder of No Limit or Omaha check this one out today…

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