high stakes poker show to return

High Stakes Poker Show To Return!

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Finally, we have some good news for 2020, High Stakes Poker has been bought by PokerGo, so you can now watch all the old episodes on the channel and with the addition to a new series to be filmed very soon!

Run it back have been doing some amazing streams with some of the stars of the original shows and we have selected some of the best moments from them to share with you! So check these out…

Lex Veldhuis

Lex talks about getting jammed on by Phil Ivey’s 52o. He talks about how he sold 50% of his action and how that was the last time he sold action because it didn’t allow him to play his best game with someone else’s money on the line.

He wishes he had thought a bit longer, but he stands by his line of using this hand as a good spot for a 4-bet bluff, but then to call all-in for a $500k pot with just King high would be pretty bad.

Lex thinks that 100% Ivey had a read on him, asking him how much he had left in his stack and then immediately moving all in once he got the answer.

One of the coolest moments in High Stakes Poker was Lex’s Hero Call down with just a pair of Deuces in a huge pot against the godfather of poker, if you don’t have a full 3 and a half hours to spend to watch this whole review, make sure you check out this few minutes, which are probably some of the most interesting thoughts on playing a pot like this you will ever find from such a beast.

Mori Eskandani

Now unless you are a pretty hardcore fan of the show, you might have never heard the name Mori, however, this guy is the man behind the scenes that made all this happen, he has since been introduced to the prestigious Poker Hall of Fame for his contributions to the game.

His involvement in Poker started back in 2004 when he co-created the show Poker Superstars, this was a points-based tournament with the best of the best from all over the world colliding together to make great TV. Mori also went on to produce Poker After Dark, National Heads-Up Poker Championship and even some WSOP events.

The talk with him is extremely interesting, he states that he just loved having Tom Dwan on the show, because they would film for 3 days to try and film a whole season, but one of his worries that there just wouldn’t be enough interesting hands. However, with Tom on the show, he wouldn’t let the smallest pot go without some crazy move, so it just made for constant action.

Brandon Adams

This interview with Brandon Adams who you might remember from the show, he played two of the sessions but was pretty card dead and hindered by being out of position to the maniacs Sammy Farha and Jamie Gold!

This is a great one to watch, with some stories of huge games that were being played around this time including Sammy Farha spotting Brandon the button to play him Heads up at $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha!

He also talks about some huge pots that went down in Bobby’s Room, with Brian Townsend who was at the time considered one of the best players in the world making a $640,000 River Bluff with just an Ace blocker against the Nuts of Bobby Baldwin.

There are many other interviews on the Poker Central channel, to celebrate the release of all the archived shows being bought by PokerGo. With the additional news that High Stakes Poker is to return with another season to be released after the COVID Lockdown ends!

This is exciting news, with the last ever aired season of the show considered a complete flop without the commentary being made by the great Gabe Kaplan, instead the Game Show Network gave the job to Norm Macdonald a comedian with seemingly very little knowledge of the game, probably an attempt to make it more appealing to more novice players but all but ruining the action most of the time.