Polk vs Negreanu Heads Up Match Confirmed!

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Wow, this is something I’m pretty sure we all thought would never happen, but it’s all confirmed Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu will play a Heads up Poker match!

Nick Shulman stoked the fire

Things had been a little quiet lately with the Doug Polk and Dneg drama, but Nick Shulman managed to liven things up by posting a clip of when Doug Polk played the Super High Roller Bowl with a troll t-shirt teasing Daniel on his position on the PokerStars rake changes that he defended adamantly for his old sponsor.

Probably nothing at all to do with the huge sponsor paycheck he was getting, claiming at the time on a video “F**k the Pros”… Doug got a lot of notoriety within the poker world with his videos on trending poker topics and this was not on that got overlooked.

Daniel became Doug’s meme for many videos after that and to be honest if you get paid to defend the corporations in these spots, then you need to take some heat, you have cash in the bank and you need to just be able to laugh it off.

Doug then released a dis-track that has since been removed as it contained sexual content, probably due to the fact that it contains Daniel shouting “F**K you, F**k you in your F**king Ass” when defending his wife’s honour against a troll on twitch.

Joey Ingram Pipes Up

Joey managed to stick his ore in the water with a tweet that said let’s see you guys battle at the table… this is the poker equivalent of seeing Muhammed Ali at his prime and Mike Tyson fight, Doug was the best online heads up player there was, he battled at the highest stakes till no one would give him any action any more, beating Ben Sulksy in an epic match that both players had no business really getting involved with, it was purely to determine who was best.

Daniel disagrees with Polk’s view on himself though, comparing himself to Michael Jordan of the Poker world. Bold indeed, however, DNegs hasn’t all been Ego during this heated Twitter flare-up, he also added that he wanted to set the rake structure for the game, which was pretty funny.

Ironing Out the Details

The two are currently ironing out all the minor details, Daniel and Doug have been posting asking for their followers input on what kind of format they want to see for this match up.

Daniel released a blog post titled: “Why I’ve Accepted the Challenge” where he has been slighting Doug’s offers with comments like “As far as showing my hole cards goes, he is already a big enough favorite and that would only increase his advantage allowing him and his team to dissect my play”

I think streaming the action is reasonable as there are so many ways of multi accounting these days and there are so many better players than Daniel who could play for him, so Doug has to ask for some kind of stream that will secure him of not being cheated.

Daniel also added: “So in the end, why am I doing this? To give the people what they want. For many years now this man has made a living off of trashing me on a regular basis, well past an unhealthy obsession, regurgitating the same attack lines over and over. Not because he truly believes I’m an evil monster, but purely for personal gain disguised as standing for some noble cause.”

Doug replied to this on twitter claiming he actually loses money on Youtube, but has made a lot of money from investing in Bitcoin and with his training site.

Hopefull the pair come up with some kind of agreement, because I know I simply can’t wait to watch these two throw down and play.