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Phil Stages HugeComeback againstVeniVidi

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So, we have been following the Galfond challenge pretty closely during this first heads up match against German high stakes Pro VeniVidi. This online beast took a huge upswing against Phil Galfond early on, seeing him bag up over €900,000!

Phil then took a short break, where he paid €3,000 a session to sit out of the match to get his head straight and that sure has seemed to work out, because Phil has clawed nearly all of that €900k back at this point.

phil galfond against venividi

Phil now sits stuck just €154k, or to put that in buy-ins he is down around just 8 buy-ins, which in PLO is barely a scratch in this big catfight.

How has he managed this?

Phil won over €85k on March 26th and then followed that victory up with a small 1 buy-in loss the following day but then come March 28th Phil swooped in with a huge 6 figure win, bagging up €106,328.51. Which is pretty impressive after he started this session losing huge to the tune of being stuck €50,000 almost straight out of the gate.

Let’s look at some of the biggest action hands

As with any PLO game, there aren’t any secrets to how these pots get so big, it’s just cooler boards and action flops that make this happen most of the time.

Here Phil flops a sneaky three of a kind against Veni’s pocket Aces and all the money goes in with Phil a huge favourite and even having one of his opponents outs blocked.

galfond vs venividi
Similar story in this 4-Bet pot here, with Phil pealing the €5,400 raise pre-flop with his double suited TT74, flopping complete gin with a full house.

Veni bet small on the flop with his range advantage and piled huge on the Turn card, Veni called off for the remainder of his stack needing to hit 2 outs but bricked this small chance at winning.
galfond vs venividi

If this was Hold’em KK vs top pair on this board would be a bad beat, but when Phil has so many live cards he is actually the favourite with 53.66% equity on this flop against Veni’s hand.

They get all the money in on this flop, Phil moves ahead with two pair on the Turn and Rivers a better hand in the way of a flush, good for another €40,000.
galfond vs venividi

This one was a pretty nice call, with Veni bluffing the River huge in this massive €65k pot, Phil took the pot down with his two pair which against this action was a complete bluff catcher, is opponent is repping pretty much just 67 for the straight once this much money went in.

Having one of the six’s must have paid some part in this hero call and probably the fact that Phil unlocks all the spades as he doesn’t hold any himself make this a pretty easy Hero call.galfond vs venividi

Joey Ingram on the rail

Joey is back in the YouTube lab, creating amazing content for all us fans of the ‘GREAT GAME OF PLO’ his latest subject of choice is this huge comeback trail that Phil is on.

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