phil galfond losing 900k in heads up challenge

Phil Galfond Losing €900,000 in Heads Up Challenge

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So if you haven’t been following the first of the Galfond heads up battles, it’s been a blood bath.

Phil Galfond challenged High Stakes PLO specialist Venividi to a heads up match to kick off the promotion for his Poker site Run It Once and it is not going well for our Hero, with him currently stuck €900,000 at the 14-day mark.

With around 10,000 of the 25,000 hands played that means Phil is on course to lose around €2,500,000

galfond resultsSo the question begs, is Phil completely out-classed here? Does he have a plan to learn a lot from the best of his PLO opponents in the first match so that he can adapt his opponent’s style and use that to crush all his other opponents?

Phil has only had one small winning day during this heads up match, which is pretty remarkable, finishing up a little over €87,000 on February 6th, only to get absolutely destroyed the next day, losing €267,000.

Running Bad or Playing Bad?

As you would expect some of the hands have been pretty brutal, with this flopped full house getting beaten on the River to a better boat you can kind of get the picture of why Phil is losing in this game.

galfond big pots 2Phil has been paying off his opponent is some dicey spots too though… in this €40,000 pot Phil Rivers the low straight and pot bets on this double paired board to which VeniVidi then check-raises all-in on the River with the nut full house.

Hard to imagine what Phil thought he would see in this scenario apart from possibly a big pocket pair turned into a bluff… I’m not a PLO expert myself but I don’t recommend playing huge pots with 2 2 5 4 in any PLO game.

galfond big pots 3The cool thing about all of this is that you can make money betting on the outcome of each day of the challenge or on the eventual winners of all the matches that are yet to commence with
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How much will Phil go on to lose in this battle? Or will he start running better and be able to pull this back to a less sizeable defeat. Only time and a lot of action will tell, but you can tune in live on twitch to watch all this crazy action live!

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