phil galfond challenges world to heads up battle

Phil Galfond Challenges the World to Heads Up Battle

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If you thought Phil Galfond was retired from the Poker world that brought him his fortune and fame then think again.

This New York based Poker Player turned Businessman and creator of training site and now Poker Site Run It Once still has a trick or two up his sleeve, Phil has issued a Heads Up Battle Wanted Post on his site at Run It Once.

Challenging the world of Omaha players to some high-stakes action in order to boost the profile of his new site.

What are the terms?

The Challenge is similar to that of the infamous Tom Dwan “Durrr Challenge” offering a 3:1 Sidebet of 10 Buy-ins for the winner to juice the prize a little!

The hands are to be played preferably at $100/$200 and above and Phil is looking for another PLIO coach preferably to take him up on this offer.

Multiple Motives?

Does Phil really think he will be a winning player just hopping back in against the toughest high stakes grinders on the internet… I think he likes his chances, but whilst he might be a small underdog he is looking to pick up the extra EV in a few spots.

  • He can make streaming revenue from twitch during the battle
  • He will have a large audience to advertise his Poker Site to.
  • He will look to make training videos from the content

All in all, this seems like a good plan for everyone involved. Great for the grinder that will most likely be able to win over 50,000 hands and cash in on the extra 10 buy in side bet and good for Phil to be able to boost his training and poker site.

Phil isn’t just challenging coaches

Phil has also offered to play anyone at PLO and even No-Limit Hold’em.

Stating that he will play $100/$200 up to $300-$600, preferably on Run It Once but he will consider some or all of the match played elsewhere if necessary.

So if you thought the rail heaven days were over, think again! There is going to be some fun streams coming our way soon because Phil has already had a huge response to his advert, claiming that 13 players want to sit down and play against him.

Grab your popcorn and get comfy because we are going to be in for some show!

phil galfond challenge
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