phil galfond against bill perkins

Phil Galfond’s 2nd Match Against Bill Perkins Begins!

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After completing his epic comeback victory against VeniVidi, Phil is straight back on the horse, jumping into the 2nd of his six scheduled heads up duels to face off against his next opponent Bill “The Businessman” Perkins.

Bill is a hugely successful gas trader that has amassed a fortune during his years and is estimated to be worth around $60 Million, so it’s not going to be a huge dent on his bankroll if he takes the loss. But he won’t be alone in this battle, he is playing with ‘The Thirst Lounge’ which is an impressive line up of young Pro poker players that stream on twitch. So does Bill have a secret PLO weapon in his arsenal? We are going to find out, but he has taken the stage initially to play Phil himself.

galfond vs perkins

Phil is offering up a staggering $1,000,000 if Bill and his team can take him down, with Phil bagging himself $250k if he is the victor, so he is quite clearly the favourite here, but with such a good price it’s not hard to try and bag 20 buy-ins at $100/$200 and win this match for Perkins just with variance alone.

Session one saw Phil down slightly, with Bill taking down a decent chunk of the earlier pots of the session before Galfond made a bit of a come back to pretty much even things up at the end of the first session.
galfond vs perkinsPhil flopped trip three’s here and got paid on all 3 streets for one of the sessions biggest pots of around  $30,000.

You will notice that the table is a little different, well this is because this game is going to be held over at PartyPoker…
galfond vs perkinsWith Phil and Bill even talking to each other on the phone whilst playing 4-Bet pots! This one saw the action get checked down after the heavy pre-flop action, with both players happy with their showdown value and both picking up equity on the flushing Turn card, this could have been a much bigger pot.

The twist in this game is that Phil is going to be streaming his sessions and talking us through the hands as they play out, with a short delay. So the metagame angle is going to be huge here, with Bill Perkins and The Thirst Lounge allowed to see all of Phils moves.

One thing is for sure, this is going to be a very fun match, so make sure you tune into the live streams on!