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New PokerStars Game mode: Spin and Go Flash

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There is a new game mode that has just been released on PokerStars a new twist on the ever-popular three-handed hyper turbo sit and go format titled Spin and Go’s, Pokerstars have introduced a new faster version of this game mode titled Spin and Go Flash.

Sharing all the same prize pools as the regular Spin and Go’s you can play you can still win yourself huge prizes but in less time!

These games make a great starting point to learn how to play poker, you can play from all levels of buy-in from a few cents up to $/€ 250 a game!
spin and go flash

What are the differences in the format?

Blinds start at 10/20 still but the starting stacks are just 300 chips instead of the usual 500 and the blinds increase every minute instead of 3 minutes.

spin and go flash shorter stacks faster blinds

So which games should we play now?

Well, if you want to play a very fast game on the move, these are now the new game of choice, as some spin and go’s can last quite a while over ten minutes in some cases, whereas this new super hyper turbo will last just a few minutes as average stacks are around 5BBs within a few minutes of play.

More Variance

There is going to be a lot more variance in these much faster games, but if you can learn your short stack ranges to a fine tee then these games could be very profitable for you!

This is going to be a new arena to take on some opponents, with players always taking a while to adjust their game to new formats if you study these short stack decisions then you could do well in this new game mode.

These games can be very useful for playing super short stacks and getting used to these kinds of decisions for when we are deep in final tables of shallow games, like Hyper-Turbo MTTs for instance where the average stacks are always very shallow, so these new games can be a good training format for learning all these super-short stack spots that we may not be accustomed to.

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These games are super fun and can be a great way of learning how to play, just jump in and play for a few minutes and you could bag yourself life-changing money!

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