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Daniel Hits back hard in the Negreanu Vs Polk Match

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The match goes on… and Daniel hits back hard in this the fourth online session that the pair play. Taking the lead with a landslide victory where he bagged up 5 buy-ins against Polk.

Match 3 – Daniel +$87,166
Match 4 – Daniel +$206,994 (Overall +$25,916 DNegs)

Jacks and Kings

In case you haven’t played much heads up Poker, there’s no getting away from Jacks. It’s a monster, if you run into a flip it’s a little brutal because you could even sometimes be up against hands like 99, TT or AJs when the money goes in here.

Doug took the L here and shipped a stack over to DNegs with this cooler.

Flipping coins for $80K Pots

This was all-in pre-flop with a 5-Bet Jam from Daniel with AKs, the flop wasn’t kind to him though, he turned a little bit of hope with a gutshot to the broadway straight, but missed his 4 outs on the River and it was a stack back to Doug.

Tough Run Out For Doug

Daniel fired all the barrels here, luckily for him, he hit a magical River card for him, making the 9 high straight on the end against Doug’s Turned 6 high straight.

A complete cooler, which Doug played well but just took a pretty bad hit when it came to the variance.

Calling All in With Ace High

Doug actually managed to slide in a small 4-Bet with this offsuit Ace high pre-flop, DNegs called and on this board Doug checked back the flop and saw the Turn card.

With a little over pot-sized behind in Doug’s stack, Daniel decided to put all the money in and Doug ended up making the call with just Ace high and his Turned open-ended straight draw.

Kaki, one of the commentators for the GGPoker stream mentioned that Daniel isn’t repping any made hands with this kind of bet, because if he was, surely he would induce action.

He is just wanting to either force Doug off the pot with a hand that has more showdown value, with a draw. Doug having Ace high and a draw has a pretty easy call here, even though it looks like a strange one, he has outs if he is behind, but also he beats all of Daniel’s other draws apart from any combos of say A9.

Brutal River Card for Doug

When it rains it pours and with Doug flopping the nut straight and piling in the money, this brutal River card saw DNegs scoop a near $100k pot by hitting his 4 outs.

Doug is always going to lose in sessions like this when his opponent hits miracle cards, so this wasn’t so much of a bloodbath that it seems by just looking at the result, many players could have lost even more and possibly titled off a few buy-ins.

Top Pair No Good

Doug called a 3-bet in position here with KTo and managed to flop top pair. That’s pretty much all you ever need to know in a heads up 3-bet pot. All the money went in but Daniel had the American Airlines and flew home in style with his $80k baggage in tow.

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There are many Youtubers using this match to create content and it’s a great way to study some spots and learn a little.

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