mysterious ilsy168 loses over $4m online at ggpoker

Mysterious ilsy168 Loses Over $4m Online at GGPoker

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There has been a serious development in the High Stakes Tournament world of online Poker… I remember when Pokerstars did a weekly $5K tournament that got the likes of Barry Greenstein, Jason Mercier and other big pros at the time battling for a winner take all format and thought that was crazy.

Then I remember when poker sites started adding $1K tournaments and eventually, these became daily games. Well, now the GGPoker network has stepped things up drastically with their Blade series of games that has buy-ins of $25,000 that run hourly during their series!

53s wins

Biggest Winner

ImLivdBuddy stands out from the crowd with $839,030 won in just won day after winning 3 of these titles on Natural8, another skin on the GGNetwork that the high stakes games have since moved to.

This unknown player that has been playing from the UK, people on the 2+2 forums have rumoured that it’s actually Michael Addamo that hails from Australia and that might make sense.

This is a guy that plays $25Ks live and has said in his own words he goes searching for the biggest games to play whether its online or live and why not if you have the skills to win 3 in just one Sunday!

Crazy Swings!

As you would expect there is a reason these players are all firing $25K bullets online and it has something to do with the unknown players that have reportedly been playing these huge games as if they were playing money games!

The player line up is very similar to that of the Triton Highroller games with players like Jason Koon, Mikita Badziakouski, Sam Greenwood and possibly some unconfirmed tournament specialists like Stephen Chadwick, Igor Kurganov and others in the mix although not all screen names have been confirmed.

With these games comes a fair amount of recreational businessman attention too an unknown player by the name of ilsy168 is the biggest loser of this series of games and has reportedly fired up to 12 bullets in just one game! If you want to see what this looks like in graph form, feast your eyes on this downswing.

ilsy168 graph

But who is ilsy68?

Well, Ivan Leow Seng Yee would fit the bill, with his initials matching up for ILSY perfectly… he is a high-stakes live tournament player from Malayasia that has amassed $7,597,279 in tournament earnings.

Maybe he would be wise to stay away from these tough online fields with Pros undoubtedly using live solver software on top of their wealth of online experience giving them a big edge. However even though ilsy68 has been on a clear downward spiral he did manage to win one of these $25Ks for nearly $500,000, but after so many loses this barely puts an upward dent in his graph.

Apestyles Jon Fleet in the Mix

These games can even be swingy for the best Pros in the world with Pros like Apestyles (“brotisserie chicken” on GGPoker) going on crazy rides of being up £1,600,000 and then losing nearly all his profit in one downtick.

These games are not for the faint-hearted that is for sure, hopefully, the players that are taking shots at these are using responsible bankroll management and selling a tonne of action.

apestyles ggpoker swings

Honourable mentions include KenBrynney, PyramidofSkulls, LuckChewyFan69, Stevie444, RockyMarciano, NONAMES all of which have done pretty well from these games.

A great part of GGPoker is that players can sell action directly for tournaments within the client, so there is no need for any outside bank transfers or any messiness. Maybe this great software has helped all of this action come about.

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