mike p challenges doug polk

Mike Postle Challenges Doug Polk to Heads Up Match

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A few more big pieces of the puzzle have been coming together lately in the Mike P cheating scandal, with all the live streams online and a tonne of poker players trawling through the evidence around the clock.

Hands that are showing extremely suspicious behaviour are getting brought to the masses attention by the hour, lets look at this one from the 2+2 forums tweeted by Stevie B…


Mike P placing his phone between his legs

Before the hand begins he takes his phone from his pocket and places it between his legs where he can view it without any prying eyes, the whole time doing so he is looking around, possibly to make sure he is going undetected from his fellow players around the table.mike p phone between legs

During the hand, Mike P leads out with a flopped two pair, goes on to continue betting on the Turn after looking down at his crotch once more…

Then comes the River action where Mike now decides he is in check-call mode, allowing his opponent to bluff with his missed Ace High flush draw and with another check of his crotch this is the expert live reader zones in on his opponent with his head mysteriously in his lap and hero calls the $400 river bet with bottom two pair.
mike p with his head down during hand

News of Mike P even makes ESPN

A great recap of the whole situation has been summed up on a major sports news programme on ESPN


An amazing sum up from this host, that has a small grasp on the world of poker but says if this guy is this good to nearly never lose and beat all the odds why would he still be playing in this $1/$3 game in California, why wouldn’t he go play in Vegas and win all the money in the world?

A great point, other things that have been deemed very suspicious is that Postle would only ever play on the streamed games, never on the other normal tables and would often avoid games if his friend in the production of the show was away from the casino.

Results May Vary

The Poker rail world has really come to life with this whole thing with one person collating information on how much money addition of a phone in the lap has added to Mike P’s winnings…

mike p winning chart

Profits go from just a few hundred dollars or losses to soaring amounts of tens of thousands of dollars…

An average winning session for the first 8 streams was just under $750 per session in winnings, in the next 10 straight streams Mike P’s winnings averaged at $3,795… a massive increase in win rate and very suspicious that a small winning player that strung together some very small wins along with some losses can then go on a heater like this.

Mike Matusow has had Mike Postle on his Mouthpiece podcast

Where he has claimed that he is one of the best in the world and been a consistent winner in the game for 16 Years. He also called out Doug Polk and challenged him to a heads up game when this is whole thing is over.

Doug Polk once at the top of the food chain in the online heads-up Poker world has declined the offer to play Mike claiming that he doesn’t play Poker anymore.

What is next?

This investigation seems like it’s only just beginning, whilst we wait for the official results from the investigation into the casino’s games we can just sit back and watch the whole of the internet dissect every little play that Mike “The God” Postle has made on the show.