huge tips for winning at poker

Huge Tips For Winning at Poker

New Online Poker Poker Strategy

Poker can be a hard game, you can get tired, going on big losing streaks, lose sight of your goals and fundamental strategy ideas in this post we are going to look at the best tips for staying on track and beating your games!

Don’t Burn Yourself Out

Too much of anything, even the best things in life is not a good idea. When playing Poker we will want to vary our schedule and not just sit and play 12 hours a day of the same game type 6 days a week.

Look to take breaks and study or relax days within your play, this will help you take a step back and look at your results and toughest hands.

Try to make sure you are taking good amounts of breaks, look to take a break at least once an hour if you are grinding cash games, no matter how good the game is. This can be more difficult when on the tournament grind, so make sure to use your 5 minute hourly breaks to get up, move around and grab a snack or a nice drink to stay comfortable during your play.

Don’t do too much theory work

These days there are a tonne of players that work on their game, but while this is great and we want to be implementing new ideas into our strategy we will also want to apply these in-game rather than just taking on a tonne of new ideas and then just hitting the felt with a near completely different approach.

The best basketball players didn’t get where they are from watching their games and reviewing them endlessly, they get out on the training court and practice their shots before the next big game.

Trust Your Gut and Think For Yourself

Too many players these days will blindly follow a bunch of Range charts and just look to play like a robot, trust your gut in spots, usually you will find that your first conclusion on a spot is correct.

For instance, Raise folding to a squeeze Jam when we opened with ATo UTG with 20BBs effective, it’s easy to overcomplicate this spot if we think about it too much, ideas like “well there is so much dead money in the pot once players call behind he could just be looking to run his equity with almost any holding”.

We just have a clear fold, our opponent could occasionally be gambling with say KQs but also in there range is a tonne of TT, JJ, QQ, KK, AA, AQ, AK that have us crushed.

Adjust to your games and look to exploit the worst players

Poker isn’t a huge ego game, we aren’t high rollers that are breaking down solver lines and playing as close to GTO as possible, we are humans that are out there looking to make money. So look to play in pots with worse players than you, if you notice a certain spot on the table that is playing very poorly post-flop then look to play with them, widening our range is fine in these kinds of situations.

I recently played a deep stack tournament where I started the hand with 50BBs and pick up A3s UTG.

Now on a normal table, I would lay this hand down some of the time as it’s not going to play well out of position all that often and I could just get 3-Bet off my equity pre-flop.

However, I was on a very passive table with a bad player in the Big Blind… so I open up for a min-raise and get 4 Callers including the poor player in the Big Blind who comes along.

The flop comes down A 2 3 a great board for me giving me two pair, the recreational player leads out on the flop pretty large, now normally we might have to consider being beat here, but I had seen him make this lead with mediocre hands in previous pots, so I’m happy to raise and try and play for stacks on the Flop, I raise small and he instantly moves all-in when the action is back to him.

I make the call and the cards get flipped over and he has AKo for just top pair that he smooth called with pre-flop.

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