how to win spin and go flash games

How to Win Spin and Go Flash Games

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So in case you’ve missed it there is a new version of the infamous Spin & Go on Pokerstars, they now have Spin and Go Flash games, which are a faster version of this much loved classic mode. To find out a little more about this game mode you can view our news post about the update here

We have already gone over some early game range stuff in this post here too, so if you wanted a guide on how to get started with some ranges that’s a good place to start.

In this post we are going to look at some general tricks we will want up our sleeve to be able to beat this recreational rich player pools and win the big multipliers.

We played some small stakes €5 and €10 games in order to find some out our favourite spots to highlight to you guys, so let’s take a look…

Attack Weak Limpers

attack limps heads up
We will play against some players where they may limp with strong hands in the hopes to induce action, however other players will simply raise with good hands and limp their bad hands that they will fold if we raise.

It’s important to be able to track what kind of hands players are limping with, in this game our opponent had already limped with 63o on the button, so whilst I would normally not like to move all-in with just Ten high, in this spot I wanted to just win the pot outright here and punish the limp, so even though we had a weak hand, we had a read that we would not be getting called and we ended up winning the pot pre-flop.

Take Stabs at Pots When Out Of Position (OOP)

take stabs at pots out of position

Following on from the last example where we just won the pot pre-flop against our opponent, there are going to be times when we may think our opponent is weak but because our hand is bad we don’t want to risk chips attempting to steal pre-flop.

This is a good spot to turn our worst hands into steal attempts on the flop, especially on flops like this, paired boards make great steal attempt boards as they are harder to connect with for our opponent.

Learn Heads Up Calling Ranges

learn heads up calls

We will want to know our heads up calling ranges aswell as shoving ranges in order to play correctly, here we can see that we can call off our stack with up to 8.1BBs with K2o in this pot we started the hand with 270 chips with blinds at 20/40, so we had nearly 7BBs in this spot so we have an easy call.

We could also have called with A2o+ Q7o+ Q2s+ J8o+ J6s+ T7s+ 79s+

Below we have shown the short stack Nash calling chart without antes, to view more free resources like this you can check out
nash heads up calling range

Apply Pressure Heads Up with the Chip Lead

apply pressure when heads up with lead

We will want to constantly put our opponents to the test when we are heads up with the chip lead, it’s all about leaning on them and making them move all-in if they want to win a pot, so we can min-raise wider than if we were evenly stacked because we can just attempt to steal more.

Get to Showdown with value hands

Following on from this same steal attempt hand, we raise the button with J5o and flop a piece…
get to showdown with value hands

We could bet here, and look to deny some equity from our opponents, however getting blown off this pot if our opponent check jams with just a draw is awful for us, we want to realise our equity and get to the river with our weak pair in this pot and try and win at showdown.

So checking back the flop here is a good way to start, we don’t open ourselves up to getting bluffed, we can induce bluffs from our opponent on the turn and we could even improve our hand.

Yes sometimes when we don’t bet this we will let our opponent catch up, but that’s life we can’t bet every hand. This one works out well, we end up getting to showdown and winning this 80 chip pot.

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