How To Win Spin and Go Flash Games

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So we previously posted some strategy guides on how to play these fun, fast games on Pokerstars. Well, we have gone and upped the ante because we have developed the 3 handed, 15BB Bible for these games… so you will never be unsure on what to do!

Before we go into some details on how you can grab this solid gold piece of kit, we have also come up with some key tips to share with you with regards to these games.

Know Your Heads Up Ranges

how to win spin n go flash gamesI see way too many players playing super tight heads up, often limp folding away their stack and just waiting for hands that aren’t going to come often enough. This is a huge leak, we must know which hands to move all-in with to play these types of games as usually someone is knocked out quickly and then it’s a heads up match to decide the winner.

If you are a bit rusty, then check out our post on Heads Up Ranges here!

Don’t Kill your action

The starting stacks are so small, there is no need to 3-bet anything less than your whole stack, even with big hands. The reason is we don’t ever want to 3-Bet fold off this stack size so we will only have 3-Bet Jams for value in our range, we will want to merge this by having borderline hands, good hands and super strong hands all in this same range. This makes us hard to read when it comes to hand strength.

There is another downside to slow playing out big hands, we might not get any action post-flop! Let’s say our opponent will call off with 66 pre-flop but we see a flop of K Q 2, then we are going to find it hard to get any more money in the middle. So look to get your value pre-flop.

Use 0% Equity Hands as Bluffs

We will want to take stabs at pots with hands that completely miss, we make it hard for our opponent to continue unless they have hit the board that way and we can make wins with the bottom of our ranges which is hugely profitable for us.

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We have developed a wonderful free tool for you all to use. With these ranges, you will never be stuck not knowing what to do with your stack during a Spin n Go Flash game.

We are going to send out this full range chart sheet to anyone who signs up to our mailing list!

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