how to play a 30bb stack against a raise

How to Play a 30BB Stack Against a Raise

New Online Poker Poker Strategy

In this post, we are going to look at how we will want to be playing with our 30BBs in pretty much every scenario in tournament Poker when faced with a raise.

It’s one of those awkward stacks, so we thought it needed a little attention, let’s kick it off…

Facing a raise UTG+1 with 30BBs

So we have come up with an easy 3-Bet or Fold strategy when facing a raise from UTG when we are UTG+1, we will want to just 3-Bet Fold with some of our worst good hands, hands like AJs and 99 can get folds and continues from worse hands that we dominate whilst when we get 4-Bet we can easily fold.

Some players like to mix in some traps where they call this open raise and look for squeezes behind with hands like AA and TT to be balanced, but this also requires calling and folding hands like KQs and QJs at some frequency too.

A simpler plan is just to 3Bet call or 3Bet Fold from this position I feel, this is what I do in my games. But try to remember this is a general starting plan if you are on a super aggressive table where players are 3-Betting often then use your judgment and deviate if you feel its a better play.30bbs vs utg

Facing a raise in Middle Position with 30BBs

As you can see not much changes as we shift to middle position facing this same UTG open, we will just reduce the number of times we 3-Bet fold with 99. So sometimes we might look to make a tighter fold here.30bbs vs mp

Facing a raise from Middle Position with 30BBs when in Cut-Off

Our game plan comes alive in the later positions where we have more options, ranges are wider and we will want to get more aggressive and open up our ranges in turn.

We will look to flat call with more of our lower pairs as there is now less chance we will get 3-Bet off our equity and Look to just Jam in our whole stack with certain borderline holdings like AJs, 99 and 88. These hands won’t play amazing post-flop but will do well enough against a raising range from this position to gamble too.

The rest is pretty straight forward, we will look to mix 3-Bet folds with our worst good hands like AJo, QTs, K9s and 3-Bet calls with our clear monster holdings like TT+ AQs+
30bbs vs mp from co

Facing a raise from Middle Position with 30BBs when on Button

Our plan from the Button facing an MP raise looks much the same, but once again we are widening our ranges, we are looking to flat call as a minimum with all our suited Ace high combinations and mix in some 3-Bet Jams and 3-Bet folds with some.

We will also play pretty much all our pairs at this point with our positional advantage we can look to take pots away on bad boards for our raisers range, but these will also be balanced in our traps because we will look to flat call with hands like QQ, KK, AA at some frequency to allow the blinds to either squeeze raise or make worse hands post-flop than our super strong holdings.
30bbs from button

Facing a raise from Middle Position with 30BBs when in Small-Blind

When playing from the SB we will want to have a pretty easy clean-cut range, we will want to be calling with our strong suited hands, this will allow us to check-raise with our SPR the way it is post-flop with this starting stack depth when we flop any flush draws.

We will also want to have a lot of our strong hands as Jams, so hands like 88JJ, AJo, AQo, AKo, KTs etc will all make good 3-Bet Jams.

Then we will want to have some 3-Bet folds to mix with our 3-Bet calls of our monster hands, good bluffs will be hands like A5s, ATo etc.30bbs from sb

Facing a raise from Middle Position with 30BBs when in Big-Blind

When playing from the Big Blind vs a MP raise we have a pretty easy way to continue, we are nearly always flicking in the call as we will be getting a great price to continue.

We also mix in some 3-Bet calls with our huge hands and to mix these we will add a few 3-Bet bluffs, hands like A9o, K5s, 76s will make good bluffs and then we have a few Jams with hands like 99 and TT that will have a little bit of a tough time out of position but are strong enough to want to get the money in now.
30bbs from bb

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