how to crush fastforward poker

How to Crush FastForward Poker

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Fastforward is Party Poker’s answer to Zoom, which means with one click of a button you will get a new hand on another table. So with just a few tables, you can play huge volume rather than just sitting and waiting for hands to be played out at normal tables.

We have compiled some handy tips to increase your win rate at this game, so let’s check them out.

Play tight from the small blind

This is the worst place to play from on the table, so many players will play too many hands from this position and end up having a huge leak in doing so.

We will want to play our tightest range from the Small Blind and when we do choose to enter pots we will want to usually 3-Bet. Look to even fold hands like 2255 and offsuit Ace’s from this position as it’s just going to be too hard to win the pot post flop.

In this pot we had A3o facing a large Button raise from a decent player, we are just going to muck this hand, we could look to play if we had A8s+ or ATo+ but even then we will not really want to flat call this raise, we would look to 3-Bet and either pick up the pot pre-flop or go to the flop with the betting lead.
play tight from small blind

Enter pots with Aggression

Moving on from exactly what we were just talking about, here is pretty much the bottom of our squeeze value range, we pick up ATo against an UTG open when we are playing 4 handed, the Button calls and now we have a nice spot to put some more money in, we can get a lot of folds from the initial raiser and take down a nice pot here.

We end up going Heads up with the Button and making three Tens in this pot, you’ll find that good things happen when you get aggressive and have the betting lead in spots, so look to tighten up your ranges and get aggressive when you enter pots.entering pots with 3-bets

Play a wide range from Big Blind against the Small Blind

When we play from the Big Blind when we have position on the Small Blind player we will want to almost play any two cards. This way we will be able to steal pots from them when they show weakness and just generally abuse our positional advantage on a bunch of different run-outs.

In this pot, we call a 3x from the Big Blind and strike gold when we hit three of a kind against a player that likes to fire some bets.
playing in position

Give your opponent rope

Following on from the last hand, we started this pot out defending from the Big Blind in position and the important thing to note here is to be aware of the stack to pot ratio in play, our opponent bet large on every street, flop, turn and river so this allowed us to go for the raise on the end for value.

The point is we are still going to get max value for the times they have a hand that they can’t fold on the River if say they have TT+ here, they aren’t going to make many laydowns on this dry run out and we keep in all their bluffs.

Let’s say we had raised small on the Flop or Turn then our opponent pretty much has no choice but to just fold all their bluffs and we lose out on a tonne of value for when they are just going to try and steal for three streets.

letting your opponent keep betting

Use check-raises

Check raises are a great way of completing a few tasks when we are in pots:

We will allow ourselves to boost the size of pots and get more value early with our good hands or apply pressure with our bluffs.
We can fold out hands that have some equity, let’s say our opponent has QTo in this pot and is just bluffing, well they still have equity, so for the times we flat call they will win the pot some of the time here.
In a spot like this where we are 3 handed, check-raising will help us get the pot heads up and continue in a much easier way against just one opponent.

check raising two pair

Sum Up

That’s all we have with regards to tips on how to play this fun game mode, if you don’t already play on PartyPoker then give it a shot, they have amazing tournaments all the time and a great cash game scene with really top quality software that is always being added to.

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