How to Beat 6 Handed Hyper Turbos

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BenCB has been following BBZ pokers lead and firing off the 6Max Hyper Turbos recently, these are really seeing a come back in action, with Sit’n Gos looking all but dead and buried until recently.

There’s been a new glimmer in hope though, with the way these killers have been crushing the games and recreational players jumping in the mix makes them look really appetising.

We take a look at a session that Ben played recently to advertise the new Raise Your Edge Hyper Turbo Course!

Gamble When There’s a Bounty on the Line

This was one of the boldest plays I found during the session, but Ben makes a great point when he plays these types of games, we want to give ourselves a stack to be able to win and with these PKO games, we are going to want to gamble in order to win other bounties.

This is exactly the type of hand we will want to use to look to stack people, his opponent moves all-in for nearly 25BBs from the Small Blind, but holding a hand that is only dominated by hands like AQ and KQ, Ben looks to gamble here with the added equity of the bounty and claiming that his opponent would also jam hands like JTs and T9s here sometimes.

He makes the call and ends up winning the chips this time, but that’s just being results orientated, in the bigger picture he had 46% equity in this hand, which will allow him to scoop a bounty and a big stack to win more bounties in a game where a huge percentage of the prize pool is based upon stacking opponents.

Simply put, gamble it up when you cover people!how to beat 6 handed hyper turbos

Flat Calling and Allow Worse Hands to Continue

Playing for stacks with 25BBs deep with hands like AQo and AJo isn’t ideal, the most lucrative way to get value in these spots is to flat call which allows for squeeze jams from hands you dominate like ATs, AJs, KQo etc and if you take a flop you can win a lot of extra chips on Ace high and Queen high boards against hands you dominate.
how to beat 6 handed hyper turbos

Limping with Strong and Weak Hands when Heads Up

Poker is all about having protected ranges, if you only ever limp when you are weak your opponents can exploit this, look to limp a mix of strong hands that you can call all-ins with as well as weaker hands that you will fold.

What this will achieve is your opponent allowing you to realise equity when you have weak holdings, allowing you to take small stabs at their weak check back ranges and at the same time it also allows you to have strong hands that can trap weaker holdings pre-flop.
how to beat 6 handed hyper turbos

Look for Re-steal spots to gain the Chip Lead

Sit’n Gos are all about getting the chip lead and grinding down the ICM spots that then come up, Ben makes some great points when it comes to the 3 handed play that he encounters.

Firstly we will want to re-steal much wider in spots where the chip leader is raising the short stack, especially in bounty games like this one.

Secondly, in games where the chip leader is constantly folding to small all-ins from the shortest stack when we are in 2nd position, we will need to widen our ranges when it comes to calling all-in, because if not we will be losing too much EV and greatly reduce our chances of winning the game.
how to beat 6 handed hyper turbos

Watch BenCB’s Full session Highlights