hide the pain harold plays ept prague

Hide the Pain Harold Plays EPT Prague

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You may recognise Harold from all kinds of memes on the internet that came from his one of a kind smile, well now this guy is jumping in Poker events courtesy of Pokerstars!

hide the pain haroldHarold, 74-year-old from Hungary is actually named Andras Arato and despite being invited to play one of the biggest poker tours around, isn’t even a poker player!

Andras stuck around for the events at the EPT Prague after his swift bust from the tournament, but it’s no doubt he took it on the cheek with one of his classic smiles.

Andy’s story about becoming one of the most popular memes in the world is something of an unusual one, we always see this images that make it to millions around the world without knowing where the story began.

It all started with some holiday photos

This regular guy’s journey to internet stardom all started with a few holiday photos being uploaded onto a social media website much like facebook, he was then contacted by a professional photographer that wanted to use him as a model for some stock images for various websites.

After meeting up with the photographer, they did a photoshoot which ended with hundreds of images of Andras as different characters, Andy got curious a few months later to see what his images were being used for and he managed to find himself on various professional websites.

hide the pain harold meme

Finding himself carved in stone

However a few months later when Andras searched once again to see how his image was being used to which he discovered the first meme of his face set in the Mount Rushmore mountain rather than the American presidents of yesteryear.

suddenly i'm everywhereAt first, he found some of the images pretty funny, but as with the internet not having any censorship a few of the more crude memes upset this mild-mannered gentleman a little. So then he started to think about what he could do about all of this, he could look to have the images removed from the sites due to the stock images not being used for their correct purpose, however, he realised that this would probably not stop this content being created, so he hoped it would all blow over and new meme craze would pop up and take over.

The internet sensation was initially featured on Facepunch and a few years later the images exploded in popularity on 4chan where users made up backstories about an unhappy man making a living as a stock photography model… it was then someone’s mission from these internet forums to find the man himself and indeed they did!

This was the birth of the real-life meme himself, shooting into stardom and getting tonnes of offers to be all around the world…

ept hide the pain haroldSince his unveiling to the World Andras has done tonnes of press, been in music videos, even featured in short films. But not only this Andras shares his story in his own Ted Talks in Kyiv, titled “Waking Up an Internet Meme”

So that’s all the internet wrote for the time being, but it’s nice to see that Pokerstars appreciates a good wholesome meme just like the rest of us!

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