GGPoker Network Adds Short Deck Hold’em

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To celebrate short-deck hold’em being added to one of the best up and coming poker sites GGpoker are having some tournaments and huge prize giveaways!

If you aren’t familiar with Six Plus Poker or Short Deck as it’s being referred to mostly then you can check out our introduction to the game here

A reminder of the Rules for Short Deck Poker

  • All cards lower than a six are removed from the deck meaning there are now 36 cards in play, rather than 52.
  • Every player posts an ante every hand and then the button posts the big blind, in most games this is just another ante, so, for example, you buy into a $100 short deck game and the ante will be $1, paid every hand and the button will post the ante as well as another $1 blind. meaning in a 5 handed table there will be $6 in the pot before any action.
  • A flush beats a full house and Ace can be high and low, making  A♠ 6♣ 7♣ 8♥ 9♥ a straight.

All the games on the GGPoker network will be played 5 handed! Which makes a change from the usual 6 handed games on other networks, adding their own spin you will want to be playing even more hands short-handed with one less player.

This game really does attract the Asian gamblers of the world, so look forward to some big action in these games.

¥300,000 guaranteed in tournaments

The team at GGPoker are having a huge give away to launch this exciting game mode on to the site… with huge tournaments and cash giveaways running from 4th November – 30th November.

To kick off this new game to the site, the team have set up a tournament schedule which will run from the 4th – 10th November the tournaments will be micro stakes games aimed at getting new players involved in the game!

short deck tournaments on ggpoker

Massive Rake Race Giveaway

The team are giving away a massive ¥1,000,000 in a rake race! So all you have to do is get playing on the site and win prizes equal to around $150,000!

With the top winners bagging themselves hundreds of extra dollars to their account!

ggpoker short deck giveaway

All you have to do is hit these hand milestones and you will win the prizes! But be quick because it will be the first players to hit the number of hands played to win the extra cash!

Download GGPoker today and get playing Short Deck Hold’em!

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$1000 Sign up Bonus

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