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There is a new Poker site on the market with very exciting features! GGPoker is here and it’s putting the traditional features of all the other market-leading Poker sites to shame! Launched in 2014 the site has a mainly Asia facing customer base, however now with a few other skins out there on the network we have some Euro and Canadian action too.

The level of play on the site is generally pretty low, with a lot of gamblers drawn to the site for its action games, you are not going to find the same level of tournament regs on this site as you will on Pokerstars for example.

The good news is that they also have a great Mobile App too! Although only downloadable on Android devices for the time being the team have assured us the iOS app will be up and running soon too.

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Downloading the software on your Android device could not be easier, just click our link below and you will get the awesome sign-up offer we have in store as well as receiving 65% rakeback in the way of cash drops in the Rush&Cash game mode!

$1000 Sign up Bonus


When you log in to the GGPoker Client you will be greeted with this Main Menu, here you can find a summary of all the game modes on offer. Including the latest offers from the site below we have all the game modes including AOF which are the All in or Fold games, Rush&Cash, Regular Hold’em and PLO tables as well as Tournaments!

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All in of Fold Games (AoF)

A very fun game mode with not too much to think about, Like your hand? Well, get ready to just press one button, All in!

Players can buy-in with 8BBs in the Hold’em version of this action game or just 4BBs in the Omaha version of the game, it’s a very fun game to play where you can win huge stacks for a buy-in at $5/$10 for just $80.

The game also has a massive progressive Jackpot for straight flushes, so you could win hundreds of thousands just from playing a pot of a few Big Blinds.

There is something for everyone with Micro stakes limits up to the High stakes! A really fun game mode for anyone that knows there short stack Nash equilibrium, there is some money to be printed here.

Rush & Cash

Another great game mode for playing on the move where you might just want to dip in and out of some action without being locked in for hours we have the site’s version of fast-fold poker, the game is played a little differently to regular hold’em games with a running ante instead of the traditional SB and BB, a fun game none the less and plenty of action across most of the smaller stakes around the clock.

The team at GGPoker are also offering huge Cash Drops which is the equivalent to 65% rakeback for players that join the pool and play in this game mode! Even more reason to download and play, you won’t find an offer as good as this anywhere on the internet at the moment, this is a grinder’s dream.

Hold’em Cash Games

GGPoker has some great cash games with buy-ins allowed from just 20BBs you can hop in a $5/$10 game for just $200 compared to a game on other networks which might be a minimum of 50BBs or $500.

Making this a great site to take some shots and spin up some stacks and build a nice bankroll. You’ll find some wild action in the streets of GGPoker’s online games with rich Asian businessmen not shy about putting in some money.

Stakes are again varied, so there is something for absolutely everyone here.

holdem cash game ggpoker

High Stakes Online Action

If you thought the world of High Stakes poker was dead, think again… There are games running all the time on GGPoker with $50/$100 games and $100/$200 getting action constantly. So if you are a big-time player with a chunk of change to put on the line this site has you covered.


There are some great value tournaments on the GG network and the team have amazing value qualifiers running always. Get yourself in some $200 games for just $30!

There are plenty of action tournaments for players of all stakes from just a few cents a game up to high roller games with buy-ins of $10,000.

The Great Game of PLO

Omaha has a lot of action on the site with massive games running just like Hold’em, if PLO is your thing then look no further for where you can find some action from now on, GGPoker has it!

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