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GG Poker

A fresh take on how a Poker site should be! Amazing new features that add a great deal of value to every type of players' experience

  • Full software supported on Mac and Windows, along with offer mobile apps and browser play
  • Unique in play features such as Straddling in pots and Blind all ins
  • Run it up to 3 times or Insure your hands in cash game pots


  • Amazing software features never seen before on other sites
  • Great cash game traffic with fun game modes
  • Tournaments for everyone with buy-ins from cents to $10,000
  • HUD, Statistics and analytics program built in
  • Sell/Buy action with the Staking Platform


  • Third party software not allowed

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GG Poker Info

  • Casino: GG Poker
  • Website:
  • Established: 2014
  • Support: Instant chat with telegram or discord, phone and email support
  • Deposit Bonus: $1000

As part of the Good Game Network (GGNetwork), which was launched in 2014. GG Poker is the flagship Poker site for the network that now has a license to serve UK customers! The network was launched throughout Asia with a focus on China and South East Asia since then the player pool has expanded and now has players from Europe and Canada. The network has a huge list of reputable Pro Players that represent them including Bryan Kenny, Jennifer Harman, David Benyamine, Todd Brunson, Ted Forrest and Online crushers such as Bryan Paris and Henri Bühler. They are not just another Poker site, but they are revolutionising a new standard for poker rooms with their amazing unheard of features. The site offers a staking platform, stats tracking for all games, built-in heads up display shown on tables, Straddle and blind All in Action on cash game tables, All in Insurance and the ability to run boards once, twice or even three times. With generally a lower standard of play within the Asian market, these games are action-packed with plenty of fish to be caught.


The table view is completely customisable with front and back of the deck options, along with felt and background colours to choose from.

gg poker table


There is some basic information shown on each players’ avatar VPIP % will be displayed, those of you not aware of what this statistic is, it stands for voluntarily put money in the pot, so if a players VPIP is showing at 50% it means they are playing half the hands dealt to them.

There are also 4 different Icons on the outer edge of the HUD giving you an idea of how much of a hot run they are on players will display from icy cold to flames.

To get a little more detail on previous hands, with one click on the players’ avatar a wealth of information is stored, unlike on any poker site. This will show a breakdown of things like All in pot holdings, Notes and tournament form.

gg poker hud

Straddle action & More!

If you have ever played a casino game, sometimes players will blind raise to get more money in the pot and induce more of an action game, this is known as a Straddle! Well now GG Poker brings this fun addition to any cash game to the online tables. Once one player straddles, there will be a timer for additional action before any cards are dealt, during this time people can even move All in Blind!
This is a great feature for action players and gamblers who are looking to have a little more fun than in regular online poker rooms where there are no such features.
straddle gg poker

Run it 3 times!

Other unique features allow players in cash game pots to run it once, twice or even three times with no additional rake when all in.
gg running 3 times

No More Bad Beats!

Another amazing feature is being able to purchase insurance! So if you play a big pot and don’t want to suffer a bad beat on the river you can pay a premium and insure your hand, meaning even if your opponent hit’s their lucky card and you lose the pot, you will win your insurance bet and get paid back depending on how much you insure your hand for.

gg poker insurance

Poker Craft

PokerCraft is the sites’ proprietary data analysis tool, built into the client software. It allows players to track metrics such as Win-loss, Luck and Play Style, without having to rely on 3rd party software that usually comes at a hefty premium. If you are looking to really learn the game and study some results, this poker room is definitely for you!

poker craft
One of the best parts of this feature is the Hole Cards Matrix this feature shows a matrix of all combinations and provides you with the total net earnings for each hand you’ve played. An easy way of finding leaks for instance if say in this chart the A7s figure is -$250 I could look back at my hands in the Game History section and view all of these hands and decide whether I am playing this hand too much against stronger holdings or if I have just been unlucky. This is a really effective tool for finding leaks in your game and players who can use this effectively with study sessions will become absolute crushers.
poker matrix

Staking Platform

With yet another innovative feature in the world of online poker, this part of the site allows you to sell or buy action of tournaments on the site. So if you want to take a shot at some big tournaments and you have some solid results, you can show your stats to the marketplace and other GG Network players can decide if they want to buy a piece of your action and vice versa. Another very cool addition and great for having a sweat of your favourite Pros action in big tournaments!

gg poker staking

Cash Games

With tables running from $0.05/$0.10 all the way up to $100/$200 high roller tables GG Poker has all the bases covered, with No Limit Hold’em and Omaha games on offer, they have some great spins on making cash games really playable including the usual offerings of 6max and 9handed tables, there are Ante games where everyone antes every hand, so there is more action due to more dead money in each pot. The site also offers 20bb minimum buy-in as a standard for games, making shot taking of higher stakes a lot more affordable for players looking to move up limits.

gg poker cash

Rush & Cash

GG Poker’s fast fold offering is a little different to others, with a lot of added value. The site offers 65% Rakeback for every player through Cash Drops, so as you play Rush & Cash at the start of selected random hands a certain amount of chips will drop on to the table from 10 big blinds to 500 big blinds, some of these drops will go in to the pot and larger drops are divided between players, meaning in the long run players will benefit from 65% Rakeback each. With regards to the actual gameplay, this is also a little different to common game modes, with it being played in CNY the blinds are paid on the dealer button and there will be a running ante paid by all players.

rush poker gg


There are massive guarantees on the network, with daily main events running from $22 $88 with guaranteed prize pools up to $20,000. The structures are well thought out with deep stacks, plenty of play and re-entries possible. This is a must for any tournament player with buy-ins of all sizes from $0.20 to $10,000 Blade series buy-ins. The player pools are nowhere near the standard of other larger poker sites and with the built-in HUD and all the other tools at your disposal, it has never been easier to work out how your opponents are playing and take their chips from them.

gg tournaments

All in or Fold games

Poker has never been so easy, two options, Allin or Fold. These action-packed cash game tables allow buy-ins of just 8 Big blinds for the No Limit Hold’em tables and 4 Big blinds for the Pot Limit Omaha tables. With special features including being able to remove chips from the table with a click of a button, so you don’t have to worry about being deep stacked and pushing all in for more money than you feel comfortable with if you have won a few hands, just bank some money and carry on playing. There is also huge Jackpot prizes for straight flushes!

gg allin poker


GG Poker name this the “Fish Buffet” Another great feature of a site that just really does seem to have players best interests at heart is the Rakeback for all players starts at 15% and goes all the way up to 100%. Earn points by playing and then unlock a level to earn a chance to spin a wheel for a cash prize, this exciting variance based rakeback system is fun and averages that players will get 50% rakeback at the highest level.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Visa and Mastercard Credit and Debit cards are accepted along with the Skrill Wallet

  • Software
  • Cash games
  • Tournaments
  • Player Rewards


This is a simply amazing new poker site, with some great tools for players to use for free to improve their game! With an amazing roster of players that support this new platform, the future looks bright indeed.
Sign up today to get involved in some soft cash game and tournament action!