galfond vs actionfreak

Galfond is up over $400,000 against ActionFreak

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Phil is powering ahead with over 13,000 of the 15,000 hands to be played completed he is now over $400,000 ahead of ActionFreak.

With the latest hands going down the PartyPoker software, where the two have been playing a slightly lower variance-based game with run it twice on all-in pots, it’s hard to see ActionFreak making this comeback a reality at this point. In fact Phil could even just sit out and not play a single hand for the rest of the challenge and he would only lose $383,850 back, that would still seal him the win and bag him the extra $150,000 side bet.

I guess offering back nearly $400,000 is not on Phil’s mind though as he has more money that could be won, but I think he will definitely be looking to play pretty snuggly moving into the last part of the play
galfond vs actionfreak
The story is always the same in PLO, big pots arise from cooler boards, with ActionFreak holding top pair and the
nut flush draw which is crippled in equity in this pot with Phil holding top set! The pair ran it twice but Galfond held up and scooped this $80,000.
galfond vs actionfreak
This must have been a bluff gone wrong because ActionFreak made this laydown despite the raise being around $2,000 in a pot of $64,000.

I would imagine that Phil had the flush in this pot, I can’t imagine him shoving for value with anything less, even a straight he would just call this bet.

galfond vs actionfreakIt wasn’t all just plain sailing for Phil though, with this action board bringing middle set for ActionFreak Vs Phil’s open-ended straight draw. Phil was pretty unlucky to Turn a set himself here and ended up paying off the River value shove after missing his draw.

galfond vs actionfreak

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