galfdond beats actionfreak

Galfond Goes 2 of 2 and beats ActionFreak

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Phil Galfond is absolutely crushing people in his Heads Up Challenge titled The Galfond Challenge. His latest victim is ActionFreak, with Phil taking down the most recent matchup and winning the $150,000 side bet.

Phil had the match all locked up with just 2 sessions left, so he started to adjust his game a little and started playing more passively, with limps on the button allowing him to control the size of the pots a little better.

ActionFreak however needed to play a super high variance style, needing to scoop some big pots in order to flip the scales against Phil.

Cooler city strikes again with this juicy River card giving ActionFreak the nut full house against Galfonds quad 7’s!

phil beats actionfreakPhil need up losing this one with his opponent having bottom set on the flop against his top set, Turning equity in the shape of a flush draw and then hitting a better set of Kings on the River.

phil beats actionfreakPhil made a really good call down here with his top two pair, ActionFreak was putting the pedal to the metal with this triple-barrel bluff, holing just one pair after missing his flush and wheel draw. Phil had a pretty easy call holding two 5’s in his hand, an Ace blocker and no hearts.

Meaning he unlocks all of his opponent’s bluffs and blocks him having the wheel by holding two of the 5’s needed for that hand.

phil beats actionfreakThis was a rough one for Phil, he managed to lose some pretty huge all-in pots. Holding a straight and flush draw and bricking twice against ActionFreak’s middle set. Bad news for Phil and another buy-in over to the challenger, however, ActionFreaks efforts were a little too late in the game, a few buy-ins ahead it was nearly impossible to catch Phil.

phil beats actionfreakAfter Phil was up over $450,000 at one point ActionFreak did manage to pull back a fair amount of his cash, closing out the challenge with a $168,000 win and another $123,000 win in the last two session of this 15,000 hand match up.

phil beats actionfreakPhil ended up with his $114,765.66 win and scoops the extra $150,000 for winning the match, so that’s around $264k in all. Phil stated that he was now done with this part of the challenge, now moving back to his home in Vegas with his newly born child and wife.

It’s looking like he will soon be able to start up on some of the Live challenges he has set up, with a few casinos already starting to open their doors. Phil is now 2 of 2 in his challenges, can anyone outmatch this heads up PLO beast? We will have to wait and see.