female poker pro susie zhao's body found

Female Poker Pro Susie Zhao’s Body Found

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Female Poker Pro that had deep runs in the WSOP Main Event and multiple high stake cash game appearances on shows like Live At the Bike has been found dead in White Lake Township in Michigan.

The talented player’s body was found so badly burnt that it took a whole week to identify the body, although police haven’t yet been able to confirm the cause of death.

“Police said that the body of Susie Zhao, a 33-year-old from Waterford Township, was found burned the morning of July 13. Police found the body around 8:05 a.m. at a state land parking area on Maceday Lake Road and Cross Road. ”

“Surprised, confused, and saddened,” were the words uttered by her bereaved roommate Yuval Bronshtein. “It’s hard to picture her having enemies.”

Here she is in Happier Times

Susie plays a huge pot against Randall Emmett with her Ace-King cracking the Ace’s of Randall not just once, but twice!

Can you help?

This is the 10th Murder in Oakland this year, police are looking for information on Zhao’s whereabouts between July 11 and July 13, so if you have any information at all that might be helpful in piecing together this case, contact Detective Lt. Christopher Hild at 248-698-4404, ext. 2381.

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Complete Mystery

Poker players like Bart Hansen said that Susie was “One of the best in L.A. at the level we played at the Commerce Casino and it’s the biggest poker room in the world.”

Her school friends took part in a press conference, in an attempt to reach out to locals to in hopes of getting some more information.

The Poker player formerly lived in Los Angeles but had moved back home due to financial difficulties, there is some speculation that this may have happened due to some links in the gambling world, but with the motive still unclear the FBI are now looking into the case to try and get some clarity on the whole thing.