doug polk beats dnegs

Doug Polk Ends Challenge up $1.2Million Against Negreanu

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Ending the challenge by beating DNegs, once known as Kid Poker for 12BB/100, a fairly hefty margin. The pair played out 25,000 hands of two tables of $200/$400 over 36 sessions, lasting three months and Doug ended up winning $1,201,807 from Daniel.

Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu

It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for Doug, some low points included bluffing nearly $200,000 for the largest pot of the challenge into the Nuts. Doug also had the biggest losing session, with Daniel beating him for $390,032 the next day after Doug got up over $1,000,000.

Adding a little a flare to the end of the game, Polk even shared his hole cards for the UpSwing stream. Check out what over six hours of two hard-working poker players battling looks like here and gain some insight into Doug’s style.

What’s Next for Doug?

Well, at end of January Doug Tweeted that:
“I am not going to play a rematch. There has been a lot of talk about this, its simply not going to happen.

Im way too burned out from all of the study/prep/play and dont enjoy the game. I also want to have some flexibility to not have to be in Nevada for the next 4-5 months.”

He also followed up on some other speculation that he might end up playing Dan Bilzerian for a huge sum or Bill Perks giving him a price.

Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu

Doug Reviews DNegs “Loosey Goosey Eating a Sandwich” Play

If anyone reading this is looking to improve their heads up game, then Doug has released some really valuable content in the way of reviewing Daniel’s game. He picks hands both good and bad from his opponent and goes through the GTO lines and he reveals a big leak that he found in Daniel’s game.

Doug goes into great depth in breaking down weaknesses in your opponent’s games and countering them to be more profitable. He worked out that Daniel was never check-raising him, so this meant that he could then bet thinner for value because he didn’t have to fear being blown off his hand.

On the other side of that coin, Daniel’s check fold on River numbers where very low, so when Doug bluffed he would do it at a fairly low frequency, but for a large sizing to apply more pressure to Daniels’s hands.