Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu

Doug Polk Crushing DNegs in Heads Up Feud

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Doug is blasting off to the moon with a huge truck full of Daniels money… at his highest point, Doug was up nearly $1,000,000… Daniel fought back in the last session however bringing his lead back down to just over $800k with around 10,780 hands played so far.

It seems like a fairly reasonable assumption that Daniel will quit after the 12,500 hands are played, which is the lesser of the two possible amounts of hands decided on.

The pair agreed that the loser after 12,500 will decide if the pair play another 12,500 hands to make it to 25,000 hands total.

It looks like Daniel would be spending nearly $2,000,000 on that education from Doug at this rate, so I would imagine we are nearing the end of this epic heads up battle.

Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu

Misclick 5 Bet from Doug

Daniel chose to 4-Bet with this 85s from the Button, Doug then made it $19,599.36... a min click re-raise with 97o.

Like the run good champ he is, the mighty Doug Polk flopped top pair in this already massively bloated pot and took a small stab at the pot.

DNegs floated with his hand because he has some good back door equity, he can pick up straight and flush draws on the Turn, his gin card other than making top pair would be hitting the 6 of diamonds. This would bring him an open-ended straight flush draw, so that gives you an idea of why he needed to see another card here.

Doug checked the Turn card, probably aiming for a little pot control with his weak top pair as betting again doesn’t achieve too much, any hand that was happy to continue on the Flop, will still feel the same way with the 5 hitting on the Turn.

The pair both check the River and Doug tables the winner and takes down over $54k with just 97o.
Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu

Aces Vs Kings

During this session, Daniel had been getting slaughtered in this leg of the match. He had just got stacked the hand before, sat back in, gets dealt the weapons of mass destruction in the form of two bullets, aka pocket Aces.

The pair waste no time in getting all the glitter in play with Daniel 5 Betting over the top of Doug’s $10,702 4-bet from the Button.

The supreme leader, as his followers from Upswing affectionately refer to him didn’t have to wait long for some premium dealer service, spiking a two outer on the Flop and fading Daniel’s straight draw to bag another $80k

Daniel shortly quit after, putting in a large session that all went Doug’s way and losing around $170k in the process.
Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu

Two pair no good

These are the types of days you just aren’t going to win at the poker table. There’s no hero folding two pair when you’re playing heads up against a maniac that will put you to the test with relevant blockers at any given point.

In this pot, Doug went for the 2x overbet all-in with his Kings and 7s and had picked off DNegs flopped Kings up by spiking a better two pair on this action Turn card.
Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu

Donk Lead in 4-Bet Pot

Daniel had a clear 3-Bet here with AQ on the Button, Doug looked to continue with his suited King high here and the pair both flopped huge.

DNegs flopped all the Queens and Doug has a flush draw on this otherwise static board. Doug led out small here on the flop and DNegs smooth called, with the Ace of Hearts in his hand for some protection.

Both players checked the Turn and this makes a lot of sense, the stack to pot ratio is below 1:1 so it’s easy enough to get stacks in on the River for both these players.

I think if Daniel doesn’t have a heart in his hand he would want to jam this Turn almost always, but with the Ace of Hearts he doesn’t need to protect his hand here.

If this was a pot where both players had more chips behind I think Doug would have continued betting small here on the Turn too, but in this 4-Bet pot there was no need as things get a lot more shallow in these spots.
Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu

Trips against an overbet

So in this pot Daniel 3-Bet with JTs, a brilliant hand to commit some money to in heads up poker and pretty much any form of poker.

Doug continued with 75s a fine play, especially deep stacked in position.

Daniel C-bets the flop with his top pair and Doug continues with some backdoor straight draws and possible evil in mind of taking this pot away on certain run-outs.

Daniel checks the Turn and he can’t love it with second pair, but he’s not looking to make any hero folds just yet… the River brings him three 10‘s and DNegs slips it to Doug.

It’s off to Puntsville USA for Doug, firing off a 1.5x bet on the River with just 7 high and getting called by Daniel.

I think this is probably a pretty good bluff, Doug unblocks all the straight and flush draws that Daniel could continue with on the Turn and he has a hand with no showdown value. So if he needs to find some bluffs on this kind of run out, this is probably a perfect candidate.

The one thing I would say is that I don’t think Doug needs to size up for this kind of bluff, Daniel seems to station a lot in these spots, so if he is calling with any Queen and Ten, I think Doug would be better off betting an amount to make a hand like 4x, or 5599 and some Ax in diamonds fold. It seems like a much smaller bet would allow for this, but I am not a high stakes player that’s in the lab looking at simulations, just my basic analysis from the way I would play against DNegs tendancies.
Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu

Daniel’s Highlights

In case you’ve missed it, DNegs has been doing little highlight reels of his sessions… Usually, they contain some pretty funny venting, but they are one of the best ways I’ve found of looking at all the biggest hands the pair play, without having to watch the full streams.