Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu

DNegs Continues on to Battle Polk to 25,000 hands

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The match continues! It could have ended at 12,500 hands, but DNegs is continuing to battle Polk all the way to 25,000 hands of heads up Poker.

This session broke in the new year with a bang and we break down all the biggest hands right here…

DNegs Gets there

This was clearly a cooler pot, with DNegs calling a 3-Bet and flopping the world with his 54s… Doug was firing off in protection of his value hand to no avail once the Turn card hit giving Daniel the nuts.

The warning sign came in the shape of a 4-straight card on the River, but Polk was too invested at this point and how many 4x hands could DNegs really have? The River went check call to Daniels all-in and I’m sure Doug had a big pair here or AJ minimum.

Dirty River

Well, you know when you play against that guy that doesn’t ever fold and you think, well… that nine didn’t change anything right?

This is the time that it did… Doug held the betting lead the whole way in this pot, betting huge for value the whole time but Daniel held on and spiked his two outer.

Flopped it

Board pairing is a real concern these days, but it didn’t stop Doug snap calling Daniels River bet here, personally, I think this is one of those scenarios where it gives him the rope… with way more missed draws in Daniels range it seems a clear check on River.

Daniel Blasts Off

It all started with DNegs 3-Betting from the Big Blind in this pot… he followed that up with a large Flop and Turn bet along with a River overbet Jam.

Doug was in no mood for folding after floating the flop with his backdoor flush and straight draw and connecting with top pair on the Turn card.

It was only a narrow part of Daniels range that beat Polk on the end, with AA, QQ, QK all possible, Doug made the call only to see eight high from his opponent.

Overbet Call by Doug

This was a pot where Daniel went for maximum protection, betting huge on the flop and overbetting the Turn, but with Doug having a pair and flush draw he was open for buisness.

Doug ended up spiking the missing spade in this pot and scooping everything with a flush.

Nothing like a good old cooler

…and it doesn’t come as cold as Kings and Aces… needless to say this was the biggest pot of the night as DNegs got the best of it…

Daniel takes the first session of 2021 by storm and bags himself a half a buy-in lead in the second half of the match.
As it stands Doug Polk is around $750,000 ahead, but we can only assume that Daniel sees that continuing this heated match is in his best interests. Made it’s due to how many WSOP bracelets he has lost whilst battling heads up, maybe defeating Polk will pay dividends in the future of his career.