dnegs banned from twitch

DNegs Banned from Twitch

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Daniel Negreanu who was formally heading the Rake adjustments campaign for PokerStars and has faced constant criticism from the Poker world for claiming that “More rake is better” well those days are behind him now and he’s now a GGPoker ambassador, it seems things are getting a little heated though and maybe Daniel is overdoing it on the Creatine levels before he takes his vegan shake and does his weights because he’s been physically threatening people on his Poker streams.

Go Fund Me for a new laptop?

The multi-millionaire Poker Professional seems to be playing on a Macbook that is around 10 years old and when he was having some difficulties connecting during his live stream he got pretty angry, it all started with “I’m gonna break this f*****g computer, motherf**ker” as he picked it up and refrained from punching the laptop.

Daniel later went on a tirade that included saying he would knock a chat members teeth out and feed them to him “anally” stating that if he came and stepped to him he would knock him out.

Doug Polk Wades In

Doug Polk has had many years of being at war with DNegs, he once pulled out a More Rake Is Better T-shirt whilst playing on a High Roller Table Next to him. Doug made a small edit of the recent events, which is pretty comical and includes Daniel blacking up to impersonate a Rasta, parking his car in a disabled spot and more.


Daniel took to the 3 streaming platforms that are yet to ban him from aggressive and homophobic remarks yet, periscope, youtube and Facebook live, coming suited and booted for the occasion.

The Poker play was cut short as Daniel busted after playing just one hand but he did deliver a sarcastic apology where he stated he should never have said those things because the process is lengthy and tiresome… he apologized to anyone that thought it was a valid solution to his problem.

He then said, let’s get rid of this s**t and ripped off his jacket and shirt to reveal his muscles in his tank top, claiming “disregard all the dumb s**t I just said…” He then went on to list a huge range of excuses including that he has Tourette’s syndrome, he also claimed that both his chef and assistant “bat for the other team” and they didn’t know why people were taking these comments as homophobic.

He stated that he didn’t know you couldn’t attack an audience member on Twitch and feels that a permanent ban is a little much, but he is moving on.

View the full “Apology” Here