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Crushing NL500 Zoom with GingePoker

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We have stumbled across an absolute beast in the online cash game streaming world, his name is Ginge and with a fiery head of hair his nickname is pretty self-explanatory.

He’s been crushing some of the highest stakes games online recently, streaming Zoom Poker and the occasional high stakes tournament action too.

Trapping with Ace High Flush Draw

Ginge really makes a lot of effort to have a balanced game, I feel like a lot of players would see this flop and just look to raise and get the money in on this flop with a flush, straight draw and overcards.

However, Ginge wins a lot more money here by letting his opponent triple barrel and gets the last raise in on the River, winning the max from his opponent’s bluffs.
ginge poker nl500 zoom

Bad Flop for Tens

Ginge starts this pot out by 4-Betting from the Small Blind with TT, which is a strong move when you have to play the rest of the pot out of position.

He bets small on this King high board which allows calls from hands like JT, AT, AJ etc… the rest of the action is checked down and he ends up winning with his pair of Tens at showdown, with his opponent having just Ace high.
ginge poker nl500 zoom

Smooth Calling 4-Bets with Kings

These days players will mix strategies in these spots, this allows for calls with strong hands like KK and AA as well as having some weaker hands in the same range like AJs AQs or 99 for instance.ginge poker nl500 zoom

Check Jamming Flop

The pot is then set up the perfect stack to pot ratio wise for a check-raise all-in with the overpair. This is going to let bad players call with all worse pairs whilst protecting his equity.
ginge poker nl500 zoom

Checking back to protect his equity

Ginge floats this flop with his backdoor draws and overcard and hits his gin card on the Turn, opening up both straight and flush draws.

Rather than bet here though Ginge looks to protect his equity rather than getting raised off his draws here and check back the Turn.
ginge poker nl500 zoom

Ace on the River

There isn’t too much value in betting this against a good opponent that can have a fair amount of check-raises in range, so Ginge checks the River back once he hits the Ace.

He ends up realising his equity against pocket Kings, which is a huge result.
ginge poker nl500 zoom

Block Betting Top Pair

Many players would look to check back this wet Turn card with a vulnerable top pair like this one. However, Ginge looks to block bet and fold to further aggressive action, whilst gaining control of the pot and being able to easily check behind on the River.

The idea with this kind of bet is that you limit your losses against what might be a larger bet on the River if your opponent fires on the end and you gain value for the times your opponent has a hand that will call a small bet here with a worse hand.

The example that Ginge had in mind here was 88 and 99 with a heart, unfortunately, his opponent rolled over pocket Kings with a heart on the River, so Ginge got off lightly by only losing $55 more with this block bet.
ginge poker nl500 zoom

Check out the Whole Stream

We loved Ginge’s play in this session and will definitely look to post some of his most interesting sessions here moving forward, check out the man himself here…