big galfond vs venividi plo pots

Biggest Pots from the Galfond Vs VeniVidi Challenge

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We take a look at how these PLO pots get so damn big in the heads up action between Phil Galfond and VeniVidi.

The coolers started early on with both players flopping the nuts on this Q Q 6 board. Strangely VeniVidi actually had a tiny advantage on this board with 3 outs to hit a 7 and make a bigger full house compared to Phil’s two outs of hitting another King to make Kings full.

Veni hit the magical Seven from heaven on the Turn and when all the money snuck in on the River with a tiny raise from Veni Phil had lost this $50k pot with a flopped full house, pretty rough!

big galfond vs venividi plo pots We have all seen it a bunch of times, the flush over flush pot. Well in PLO it takes good flushes to make big pots and this is exactly what went down here, with Phil leading the action and betting full Pot on the Turn all Veni had to do was press call and happily get all the money in on the River. We are starting to see how Phil was down nearly one Million Euros with these pots already!
big galfond vs venividi plo pots Phil was once again leading the way in this pot, with a full-sized pot bet on this safe Turn card to protect his flopped two pair. Veni had a tonne of equity in this pot too and decided to go with his hand, seeing less value in check-calling the Turn it would seem and possibly being able to get some folds from Phil in some cases.

I think I would prefer to see a call here from Veni, he has top pair, an open-ended straight draw and a flush draw, there is no need to play for all the chips on this Turn card when he could have done so on a handful of much better Turns for this hand.

big galfond vs venividi plo pots This is a pretty crazy hand if ever I saw one. Both players got all the money in on this action flop for these pretty marginal pre-flop holdings. Vini had the better straight draw of the two but Phil has a little more equity with his two flush draws and pair.

With all the money going in and two blanks hitting the board Phil ends up scooping this pot with just a pair of 4’s! So that’s €67k for a pair of 4’s on a board of K J 8 4 3!big galfond vs venividi plo potsAnother spicy Turn card of VeniVidi saw him scooping this near €70,000 pot with top two pair on this King high board, with both players flopping two pair, this was always going to be an action pot and when Veni turned this Queen he raised Phil’s lead with a pot-sized wager of his own.

The rest of the money went in on the River with Phil check calling and I guess it’s a tough hand to fold but what can Phil really bet on this run-out? maybe some JTxx hands and some two spade combos that didn’t raise the flop? Even though Phil had Kings and Sevens here on the Turn I think I would like to see a different line here, maybe bet folding because his two pair is just a bluff catcher here and I can’t see Veni having too many bluffs on this Turn card.
big galfond vs venividi plo potsThis was one of those free-roll situations that you have to be pretty weary of in the PLO streets, both players had the nuts on the Turn when a bunch on money went in, Phil had a club flush free-roll and Veni holding two pair has 4 outs to make the best hand with a full house.

So Phil has a smidgen more equity that Veni here, but he manages to realise it with the last club hitting the River. Phil put the remaining chips in and at this point Veni has to call with his nut straight, he is only losing to this exactly hand from Phil.big galfond vs venividi plo potsPhil got pretty out of line with this bluff, I can imagine his thinking here would be that unlocks all of Veni’s missed spades and holding only one club he doesn’t block the backdoor club draw too much either.

He called Veni’s check-raise on the Turn and when Veni Slipped it to him on the River he took the bait and went for a full pot-sized bet. Phil could have some broadway here, but the thing is he is repping only KJxx when he bets this amount and the chances are that Veni is going to call his bet once he check-raised so huge on the Turn. Overall I think this bluff was a little ambitious from Phil.

big galfond vs venividi plo pots We saved the sneakiest hand for last, the biggest pot came when Phil managed to River the nut straight against VeniVidi’s top set of Jacks.

Big pots are always going to happen on boards where the possible best hand is very unlikely and with just 56 or 98 needed to beat Veni in this pot, it was unlikely he was going to make the laydown.

Phil got raised huge on the Turn and called with what was a massive hand, holding a straight and flush draw with his overpaid. After hitting the sneaky offsuit 7 he opted to check and then move all-in with the nut straight. I could see him leading some cards for value here too, I think if he hits his diamond he might lead fairly small to get some crying calls and still possibly fold to a shove some of the time.
big galfond vs venividi plo pots

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