a couple of treats of mixed game fans

A Couple of Treats for Mixed Game Fans!

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We have a double drop for all you mixed game fans out there! The first comes in the shape of a WSOP HORSE Final Table review from the GOAT (Greatest of all Time) Commentator Nick Schulman and the second is a neat addition to Pokerstars!

2008 World Series of Poker $50,000 H.O.R.S.E.

This final table featuring Scotty Nguyen and Erick Lindgren gets Nick talking about some really cool stories! Including his humble beginnings 19 years ago into poker with the game of limit hold’em, which was the big game before No-Limit really took off!

He explains that it’s a great game to pick up and serves well as no-limit training because you get to see so many run-outs you get used to the boards and knowing when hands are good and when they are beaten. DeMichele check-raised on the Turn and bet River with his double gut-shot bluff didn’t get through with just Jack high, Lindgren ended up making two really good calls with just Ace high here, he could be beaten by some hands like King High spades but there are also many combinations that would raise here as a semi-bluff.

lindgren calling with ace highAfter winning this pot, the beers arrive for him and Scotty, Lindrigen spots that Phil Hellmuth’s face is on the Beer that he gets, saying that Phils good at Hold’em but not so good at the “ORSE” which are all the other games in this event. Phil was to get the last laugh with that joke though, going on to win 2 Razz WSOP Bracelets!

Mixed Games Added To Pokerstars Home Games

The second part of the good news for you mixed game fans is now the complete mixed game selection is available for playing as the home games section of the biggest poker site in the world gets a serious overhaul!

If you’ve never played Home Games on Pokerstars then you are missing out! Playing with your friends and relatives is probably the most fun you can have! Recently during our slightly depressing lockdown period, I had the joys of playing whilst on webcam with some of my friends, the banter was rolling, the drinks were flowing and the action was crazy!

Another great addition to this Home Game upgrade on Pokerstars is that now you can even play on your mobile devices, the full software on computers used to be the only way to join your friends and family, but now you can even take their money on the move!

Check out this video if you need a little help getting started with home games: