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The hand begins 12 minutes into playing two tables of 25NL 6Plus hold’em, we are dealt K♠ K♦ we are deep stacked playing $103.42 in total. We are first to enter the pot, with the UTG player folding and another player to our right sitting out.

So how do we play this hand?

In a normal No limit game we would look to open raise and get some money in the pot, however in a 6Plus hold’em game we need to have a balanced range of limps and it can help to disguise our hands by entering the pot with a limp.With these things in mind we decide to limp in for $0.25, unfortunately, no one decides to put in a raise behind us, so we are unable to limp jam vs hands like lower pairs or ace high hands and take our equity advantage along with fold equity by putting our opponents to an all indecision. This can be a lucrative way to play big pairs like this as often if a player has raised with Queens for example, they will not want to lay down their hand to an all-in.

To the flop we go!

What a beautiful sight after limping with pocket Kings, we get a dream flop of Q♠ Q♦ K♥ So we only lose to one hand, pocket Queens. However, we would have to imagine that the players to our left would have raised a hand as strong as Queens.

How do we continue?

A good way for us to play the rest of this hand is to check and let our opponents either bet or catch up. We want to catch bets from hands that include a Queen or that are open-ended straight draws for example. Good news for us, one of our opponents with a stack of $30.50, bets $1.69. Now we have two options, smooth call and keep disguising our hand, or raise. Both of these have merit, as if our opponent is occasionally bluffing, we would like to keep in any bluffs. However on the flip side of the coin, if our opponent does have a Queen or an open-ended straight draw they are likely to not fold to a raise on this flop, this also gives us the chance to play for more cash and hopefully be able to get all in by the river. So weighting our opponent’s hands more towards a value holding that they won’t be folding just yet we do decide to check-raise, we pump up the pot with a raise to $4.50, our opponent quickly calls.

The turn

A good card for our opponents to have hopefully caught up a little, the 10♦ hits the board, so now if our opponent has any combination of hands likeA♠ J♠ or Q♣ 10♣ , for example, they have now improved drastically to a straight or a full house. This is the beauty of limping hands as strong as Kings, we can now just play for max value in these spots with the absolute nuts. With $10.69 in the pot at this point, we want to aim for playing for it all, we bet $6.25 which will put over $20 in the pot leaving our opponents with $19.75 allowing us to shove all rivers for value!

The most unanticipated River card!

The Q♣ rolls off, making the final board Q♠ Q♦ K♥ 10♦ Q♣
This is very bad news for us, with a massive part of our opponents range including a Queen, especially being able to call a check-raise on the flop and fairly large turn bet with no problem, most of the time our opponent will have a Queen in their hand, which is great, until the third queen rolls off on the river, meaning now all the Q♥ combinations of hands, anything such as Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q10, QJ, AQ now have us crushed by making four of kind.

What are our options, well if we were deeper we could bet fold, going for value against hands like straights and smaller full houses, however with a 1:1 stack to pot ratio of our opponent left on the river, I think the best cause of action is to check and decide on our opponents move as to what we do. When we check the river here, we are almost crying for a check behind. Unfortunately, our opponent doesn’t comply and instantly puts all their chips in the middle, moving all in for $19.75.

So we are only beaten by one card, what do we do?

Well we have to look back at how our opponent has played the whole hand to work out what we can do here, they bet the flop of Q♠ Q♦ K♥ are able to easily call a raise, call a large bet on a turn of 10♦ So they have some straights in their range which we beat. However wouldn’t our opponent at least have to think about whether to turn a made hand into a bluff on the river? With all this in mind and the fact that we can now only beat a hand such as A♣ K♣ which would have had a hard time calling all the previous action and needing the case King of clubs to make this a possibility, I decide our opponent is just too heavily weighted towards extreme strength with the instant all in river jam and we have to make the disciplined fold here.

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